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Quick Quinoa PowderKamsack, Saskatchewan, June 2007 – Northern Quinoa Corporation’s, NorQuin Brand introduces a new, quick preparation, Quinoa powder in an extra fine formulation.   Quick Quinoa Powder is a versatile rapid-cook powder that can be enjoyed alone as a hot breakfast drink or cereal, as a dairy replacement in fruit shakes, thickening soups, or as primary ingredient in a vegetarian burger or gluten free wrap 

All NorQuin Brand quinoa products are made from Canadian grown Golden Quinoa and are gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free and corn free.

Quick Quinoa Powder finishes cooking in about 2 minutes, just by adding boiling water. The quinoa mixture can then be blended with ice and fruit for a protein rich shake or steamed vegetables and herbs for a nutritious vegetarian soup.   

The World Health Organization lists Quinoa as a well-balanced protein source, a unique pseudo-grain with all of the essential amino acids plus albumin.  Albumin is a critical dietary requirement and is essential for good health.  Found in eggs, meat and other plant products, Quinoa is one of the few albumen sources available for a strict vegan diet.

Calcium and iron are two of the most important macro-minerals required by the body.  Quinoa readily satisfies the recommended intake for iron while one gram of quinoa may contribute 13% of the recommended intake of calcium. Quinoa’s nutritional power has been understood in South America for centuries where it was revered as the ‘Mother Grain’. Western science found the description to be factual almost half a century ago, when researchers first reported that the efficiency of utilization of quinoa protein was superior to milk.  

Quinoa is also considered to be one of the best natural sources of fibre.  The total dietary fibre of quinoa is reported to be approximately 13.3% of which, 10-11% is insoluble dietary fibre (IDF)  potentially providing hypocholesterolemic benefits if included as a regular part of a well balanced diet.

Other quinoa products found under the NorQuin Brand are Quinoa Pasta in elbow, spaghetti, spiral and lasagna, Quinoa Flakes, Quinoa Whole Seed, and Quinoa Flour.

Northern Quinoa Corporation is located in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada, but they ship directly to customers worldwide.

** Enjoy this new Quinoa Powder in a Quinoa Fruit Shake recipe or a Homemade Quinoa Wrap stuffed with Turkey and Onion Marmalade, or filling of your choice.**


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