Producing Good Quality Omega-3 Rich Foods Can Be a Seedy Business


Meg's Sweet & Sassy Flax Oil Dressing from Foods AliveOmega-3 is certainly a major health buzzword of the 2000’s. Fish is consistently touted as the top resource for getting this healthy oil, but what if you are vegan or vegetarian, or worried about mercury levels, or concerned about over-fishing, or you just plain don’t like fish? Well, as the people at Foods Alive will tell you, there are some other tasty options. All of which happen to be dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and even raw! They sent over a slew of flax and hemp seed products to tempt our taste buds. And though they may not sound exciting by name, these seedy products were really quite delicious.

To note, fish provides the most ready-to-use forms of Omega-3’s, DHA and EPA, but both hemp and flax are noted as good sources of ALA, which the body can (in good health) convert to DHA and EPA.

Foods Alive offers some pure flax and hemp oils that we will be trialing out in recipes, but first up was their premade foods salad dressings and crackers …


Mustard Flax Crackers – "The crackers had (past tense, they are gone now!) a definite mustard scent that parlayed into a lightly sweet (though not honey mustard sweet) Dijon mustard flavor that I would describe as deep, but not bold. I found them completely addictive." Click to Read My Full Review in our Product Reviews.

Foods Alive Mustard Flax Crackers


Organic Sweet ‘n Sassy Hemp and Flax Oil Dressings – " … the flax-based dressing was a bit sweeter and thicker, while the hemp-based dressing had a nice little “seedy” touch, as you can see from the photo…" Click to Read My Full Review in our Product Reviews.

Foods Alive Organic Meg's Sweet & Sassy Salad Dressings - Flax and Hemp Based


This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook (also available as an eBook). For more information and to purchase these foods, visit the Foods Alive Website.

Foods Alive Flax Crackers are also Available on Amazon:

Foods Alive Mustard Flax Crackers

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