Super Bowl Snacking Gets a Healthy Upgrade


Mango SalsaIt seems as though every month a major event or holiday pops up, giving us the green light to gorge ourselves silly.  While a little indulgence is a must in my opinion, there is no reason to go over the top and fall completely off that resolution wagon.  Trade in that high-fructose loaded soda pop and pass up the packaged foods!  This year, celebrate the Super Bowl with easy-to-make snacks that not only taste better, but are also a touch more virtuous …

Skip the Processed Soda

Stock up on 100% juice and sparkling mineral water to concoct your own fruit sodas for both kids and adults.  Favorites in our household include Just Blueberry and Just Black Cherry juices.  While just juices can cost a bit more, you only need a tiny bit to flavor an entire glass full of inexpensive mineral water.  I typically alternate between the two, adding more mineral water each time, until the desired flavor is reached.


Avoid microwave popcorn as it is often filled with additives.  Popping your own at home is not only economical, but it also tastes better.  Try this Perfect Popcorn recipe and season to taste with one of these great Popcorn Seasoning recipes.

Dips & Chips

Trade in that creamy onion dip for some heart-healthy (and more flavorful!) alternatives such as guacamole, hummus, and salsa.  Bored with the traditional?  Jazz it up with a new recipe, think Berry Guacamole, Almond Hummus, Black Bean Hummus, or Mango Salsa (pictured).

Of course, if you must have that creamy onion dip, then why not choose a lower fat (but not lower taste) option, like this recipe from Cooking with Amy.

While we are on the subject, there is no need to rely solely on store bought chips with their mysterious flavor ingredients.  Make your own chips at home, it really is quite easy, and allows for some creativity.  Pita chips have always been a favorite, but I am really beginning to fall in love with sweet potato chips.

Almost the Main Meal

No need to pull out the “beans and weenies.”  With the cooler temperatures, nothing will be enjoyed more than a hearty bowl of chili.  Throw in some diced vegetables (zucchini, onions, bell peppers, etc.), trust me, they will be none the wiser.  This is a great one for super bowl day as well, as it can simmer away in your crockpot or stockpot, while everyone is snacking and enjoying the game.  Serve with some French bread for dipping.  Of course, there are great chili recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians and Meat Lovers alike.

For more great snacking ideas suitable for various special diets, see the Appetizers from Go Dairy Free and Karina’s (Gluten-free) Kitchen.

Photo Credit: Susan Russo, Fit Fare

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