6 Tasty New Non-Dairy Foods Released in 2006


This past month has shaped up nicely for new non-dairy foods.  Sweet treats and kids snacks (okay, I think they sound pretty good too) seemed to be the primary theme for product releases.  Healthy Frozen Fruit Pies (seriously), a chocolate flavored nutritional drink for kids, a granola snack, fruit chips, a festive coffee cake, and an old newton favorite in mini snack sizing each made the list.

Tasty New Non-Dairy Foods Released in November 2006

Here’s the line up …

LifeStream Pie-Oh-My! Frozen Fruit Pies

Nature’s Path Foods has released a new line of hand-held, fruit-filled, snack pies.  These are not your ordinary snack pies though.  These vegan gems are made with 70% organic ingredients.  Skip the overly-processed desserts, Pie-Oh-My!™ is made with real fruit wrapped in a whole grain pastry crust.  Each 3.5 ounce pie is fully baked and then frozen for convenience.  They are available in four flavors:  Apple, Dark Cherry, Pineapple and Wildberry.  Distribution is just picking up steam.  Look for them in your local Whole Foods, Krogers, Albertsons, or Price Chopper.

X-Balance Nutritional Drink

This new chocolate-flavored drink gives kids the antioxidant power of 8 servings of fruits and vegetables.  X-Balance comes in powder form, and can be mixed with water or any milk alternative.  It can be purchased directly from the manufactuer’s website, SGN Nutrition (Now Lily Nutrition).  See the “Special Deals” on their site to order a free sample pack.

NoNuttin Snacks (Now Libre Naturals)

NoNuttin is well known for their allergen free (dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut) granola bars, but they have now added several new products, such as Vanilla Cinnamon Nibblies.  For further details, see this month’s news feature.

Gak’s Snacks Cranberry Coffee Cake (Now HomeFree Treats)

Jill Robbins, founder of Gak’s Snacks, couldn’t stop with just one fabulous coffee cake (apple).  She has now released a cranberry version just in time the holidays.  These allergen free delights are baked in a dairy, egg, peanut, and tree nut free facility.

Fig Newton Minis

We hesitated on noting these little snacks, available in original or strawberry, due to their less than desirable ingredients.  But, in a pinch, these new minis are made without dairy ingredients to the best of our knowledge, though likely subject to cross-contamination.  Though they may be a good solution for gas station stopovers, these Nabisco treats are rich in hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and several ingredients we could not pronounce.

SoYummi Classic & GoLite

These dairy free mousses have actually been available for four years, but they are finally making their way to store shelves outside of Quebec.  Now appearing at Whole Foods Market and IGA’s throughout the Toronto, Ontario area, we can only hope the expansion continues!

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