Tasty, Versatile, Gluten-Free, Dairy-free, and Uber-Crunchy; What More Could We Want in a Cereal?


Enjoy Life Foods Perky's Cereal I used to eat cereal every single morning … cold or hot, I had to have it. We all change our habits though, and these days I am on a breakfast smoothie kick, with the occasional oat waffles or rice cakes for a change. Nonetheless, I still keep some “healthy” cereals on hand for cooking, baking, and no bake needs that always seem to arise.

One go to cereal is organic crispy rice cereal, particularly for making my homemade granola bars. But when I discovered the Enjoy Life Perky’s Crunchy Cereals, a fun new option entered my life. In a way, these are similar to crispy rice cereal, and can be used in their place in recipes or your morning bowl, but really, they are quite different. Though semi-puffed, they aren’t really hollow, they have a mightier (yet still forgiving) crunch, and they are a bit heartier in taste and structure. I likened them to a cross between Rice Krispies and Grape Nuts …

Enjoy Life Perky’s comes in two varieties:

Crunchy Rice – These had a warm earthy taste that reminded me of a cereal I enjoyed as a child, but unfortunately, I can’t recall which one! Each little nugget has a very gentle sweetness that still allows you to taste the grain. Definitely something I would have enjoyed as a child (and do enjoy now), since we didn’t eat sugary cereals. It has a great crunch too. They have an odd look, like little pellets, but a tasty big crunch that would work in sweet or savory recipes.

Crunchy Flax – This version has the same look, same great crunch, and a similar earthy flavor, but it didn’t quite jive for me as much when eaten straight. I do like flax in general, but I think sorghum may not be my taste (the flax cereal uses sorghum as the first ingredient, while the rice cereal is all rice). It needed a bit more sweetness to win me over, or perhaps the flax needed to take center stage for my taste buds. Not bad, but personally, I will stick with the Crunchy Rice. Because the Crunchy Flax Cereal leans more toward savory, I think it would work excellent ground as a coating or crumbs, or even used whole for crunchy texture in a recipe. I know it works well in slightly sweet recipes, as I used it to make some Oat n’ Flax Chocolate Chip Snack Bars that came out rather yummy.

Enjoy Life Foods Perky's Cereal and Chocolate Chips - Flax Bars

Because the cereals did have such a nice crunch, and because so many of you do consume cereal breakfast-style, I decided to test the cereal’s staying power in dairy-free “milk:”

  • 1 minute of submersion – still quite crunchy
  • 3 minutes of submersion – milky exterior coating, but still crunchy
  • 5 minutes of submersion – gentler to the bite, but still an audible crunch

Five minutes was as far as I got before hunger took hold and the bowl was devoured, but I can confirm that they do stay crunchy in “milk,” even if you don’t power back the bowl. And, like all Enjoy Life products, these cereals are made in a dedicated gluten-free and food allergy-friendly facility (including dairy-free!)

Enjoy Life Foods Perky's Cereal

As for that No Bake Flax ‘n Oat Bar Recipe, keep an eye on the Enjoy Life Foods Blog, as it will be featured there soon! Oh yes, and one other added bonus of this cereal – when making bars, you can press the mixture down firmly, and the crispies don’t crush, they hold their shape! I think this may be my new go-to cereal for no-bake treats!


This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook (also available as an eBook). For more information and to purchase these foods, visit the Enjoy Life Foods website. Perky's Cereal and other Enjoy Life products are also sold on Amazon for a discount and in bulk.

Enjoy Life Foods Perky's Cereal

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