The Healthy Cookie: Unbaked, an Inspiring Memoir of Triumph Over Autoimmunity


Meghan Telpner: The Healthy Cookie UnbakedWe’ve all seen them; those one-page stories that grace nearly every health-oriented women’s magazines. A person’s triumph over a health struggle, whether it is weight loss, cancer, or an autoimmune disorder, is summed up in a few short paragraphs. I am always left wondering, was it really that easy for them? And, did they actually find the answer, or are we catching them a moment too soon, when perhaps their true satisfaction with life is yet to be attained?

Over two years ago I came across a blogger known as The Healthy Cookie online, Meghan offline. Meghan seemed to be on one of these health journeys, but I could tell from reading her posts that she wasn’t there yet. She was learning, but like so many of us, there was still so much frustration. Yet, she persisted, and grew, and persisted, and changed, and persisted, and won.

Luckily, unlike those short stories, Meghan isn’t about to leave us wondering. The Healthy Cookie: Unbaked is her contribution to the world, letting you in on every detail of her path, no matter how personal.

As one of Meghan’s most dedicated blog readers, I was honored with a copy of this new ebook, and it really opened my eyes. From across the Internet I had watched Meghan disappear from the blog scene, and reappear as a certified nutritionist with a new writing gig online, but what transpired in this transformation was a mystery. Taking her story from virtual to reality has enabled me to see how common these health problems are, but how they can actually result in a better quality of life. 

Meghan Telpner: The Healthy Cookie UnbakedI know that many Go Dairy Free readers are on a similar journey as Meghan. Hers involved countless misdiagnosis’s, being told “it was all in her head,” discovering she had Crohn’s Disease, and learning a new way of life that has left her symptom-free and more content than she ever could have imagined.

I don’t have Crohn’s, but so many of Meghan’s experiences and words were all too familiar to me. As I read her new ebook, it felt like my best friend was talking to me. In fact, I felt a little guilty, as if I was prying into someone’s diary. She offers so many personal moments that others would dare not share in writing (from embarrassing symptoms to doctor’s visits to relationship woes), making it so much easier to really relate and most importantly, be inspired by her success.

If you are on a personal journey to health, which of course ties right in there with happiness, this is a story you won’t want to miss. I would quote a passage from the book to give you a sample, but Meghan has already generously provided several excerpts:

Meghan resides in Canada, but since The Healthy Cookie: Unbaked is in an ebook format, it can be ordered by readers worldwide here on Meghan’s site – Making Love in the Kitchen.


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