Tofutti Set to Release New Dairy-Free ‘Better Than Ricotta’


David Mintz of TofuttiDavid Mintz founded Tofutti Brands Inc. in 1981, with the release of Tofutti ice cream, but his obsession with tofu has kept him churning out new products ever since. His latest creation is sure to take the vegan market by storm, as it will be the first dairy-free ricotta available directly to consumers.

For years, a little known company called Paino Organics has been producing Primacotta, a soymilk ricotta, but their cheezy products have only been available to food service and for production of private label products. Tofutti’s new product will be sold through national grocery chains and natural food stores for at home use in your favorite lasagna, cheesecake, and ravioli recipes.

The new product will not surprisingly be called Better Than Ricotta, and its release is expected in February or March of 2011 (the product is ready, but they are working on the packaging). According to Mintz, creating a suitable ricotta was a tricky endeavor, “… ricotta has a certain type of texture. Even dairy people have a difficult time with it. That's why you don't see many companies making ricotta. I've spoken to a number of dairies and they say, well, it's a temperamental product, it's not that easy to make, there's a lot of labor involved. It's a very delicate and temperamental cheese.”

Tofutti products cater to the kosher market in addition to lactose intolerant consumers and the growing vegan population. For more information on Tofutti and their products, visit their website at


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