Vegan Chocolate: Say Goodbye to Bitter and Hello to Butter


Intemperentia Vegan ChocolateThese days my time is limited for product reviews. Though I still try to take time to photograph and write-up the items I purchase at the store myself, I often have to turn down review requests or turn them over to another Go Dairy Free reviewer. I hate doing this to small companies, particularly because I know how hard it can be to get the word out, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But a couple of months ago, one small chocolatier was so determined that I would love their chocolates, that they sent me a small gift box without promise for review. Their bold move paid off, because I now find myself compelled to let you all know how wonderful this chocolate is. Yes, I know, there are few chocolates I dislike, but this vegan dark chocolate is truly unique.

Some chocolatiers focus on the cacao content, often hitting notes too bitter for the average palate. Some play around with sweeteners, catering to our sugar-addicted society. But Intemperantia (Latin for self indulgence – gotta love that!) focuses on the butter, cocoa butter that is. They’re called solid soft dark vegan chocolate squares, but even with all of these adjectives, the name doesn’t do these little gems justice.

Intemperentia Vegan Chocolate

The chocolate squares from Intemperantia come in a beautiful little gift box with nine delights (they offer other sizes also). The squares have a light dusting of cacoa powder, but have no fear, this chocolate is not the least bitter. Yet, it isn’t too sweet either. The smooth, rich, and creamy cocoa butter takes center stage with just enough cocoa powder to call it dark chocolate and just enough sugar to call it dessert.

Intemperentia Vegan Chocolate

The downside? You guessed it … with quality comes price. These babies aren’t cheap, but considering the high cocoa butter content (and the fact that the shipping is free!), I’m not surprised. Nonetheless, these are definitely gift-worthy for a loved one or for yourself!


This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide & Cookbook. For more information on this chocolate, and to purchase, visit the Intemperentia website 

Intemperentia Vegan Chocolate

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