Vegan “Milk” Chocolate Bars Met with Enthusiasm by Dairy-Free Reviewers


Terra Nostra's Rice Milk Choco BarsTerra Nostra, a Vancouver BC producer of gourmet chocolate, has captured the attention of reviewers with their most recent product line, dairy-free “milk” chocolate.  The line, which was introduced in 2007, goes under the brand of Ricemilk Choco™, and currently comes in three chocolate bar varieties: Original, with Almonds, and with Dark Truffle Center.  Though the market for a vegan “milk” chocolate was largely untapped, yielding virtually no competition, Terra Nostra opted to start with a superior product, rather than lunging at the opportunity to be first to market.  The result was a quality product that is now gaining the recognition of popular vegan food reviewers …

Hannah Kaminsky, author of My Sweet Vegan, reviewed all three flavors of the Ricemilk Choco™ bars, and was enamored by the “nice snap” of the chocolate, and commented on how  “… the chocolate melts smoothly into a sweet, creamy puddle over the tongue.”  With an expertise in desserts, Hannah Kaminsky gave her seal of approval, stating “If you’ve been missing milk chocolate, look no further. Although it’s been a while since I’ve had the real thing myself, I would venture to say that these bars are near perfect replacements that will please your inner child.”  You can read her full review here.

Due to the unique production used in these chocolate bars, Terra Nostra also received positive attention from the reviewers at Sustainable Scoop, who commented on the bars rich and creamy texture and “perfect” flavor. Terra Nostra’s Ricemilk Choco™ bar line is certified organic, obtaining that milky texture from organic rice powder and organic hazelnuts, but this is just the tip of their social consciousness.  Terra Nostra is also a member company of Equitable Trade, an association that goes “Beyond Fair Trade.” Plus their Ricemilk line is manufactured in a chocolate plant that was built for “sustainable chocolate production.”  The facility uses an energy system that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly, with energy efficiency of up to 82%.

The Ricemilk bars are available in stores, but for those who have trouble locating them, they are widely available online from:
Terra Nostra’s Online Shop

Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe

The Vegan Store

Of course, I was unable to resist tasting this wonderful chocolate invention myself. Read my own review of the Terra Nostra Ricemilk Choco™ bars.

Photo Credit: Hannah Kaminsky

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