Wendy’s New Menu Poses Additional Concerns for Milk Allergies


Wendy's New Menu - Buttered Buns Wendy’s is make a big splash this week in the restaurant community. Following a loss of market share in the fast-food space, they’ve decided to revamp their burgers (which hadn’t changed since they were introduced in 1969!). The result? New Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy burgers.

Another result? Buttered hamburger buns! This is obviously a significant concern for the dairy allergy community and one that has gotten a lot of buzz and attention, though there seemed to be a lack of clarity around the issue. Personally, I also found Wendy’s news releases and website to be quite confusing when trying to determine what was no longer safe and what might still be safe for those with dairy allergies.

So we went to the source …

Wendy’s corporate representatives were extremely helpful, though I must admit that the issues still weren’t crystal clear. So, we ended up calling four times – we want to get you the RIGHT information – and now I believe we have all the answers you would want. (That said, please be particularly cautious the next few times you go to Wendy’s. Never blindly trust what you see online – even here – without taking all the proper steps to ensure your safety.)

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The nutrition information table on the Wendy’s web site should now be fully updated to reflect the new menu.
      • The buttered buns are NOW being used on BOTH their premium burgers AND premium sandwiches (including chicken)!
      • While the buttered buns are NOT CURRENTLY being used on the value or kids burgers and sandwiches, ALL burgers and sandwiches will be transitioning to the buttered buns between now and mid-November 2011 – including the kids burgers and sandwiches! Be extremely careful and cautious, especially with your kids!
      • The buns – buttered or not – do not touch the grill, so there should be no greater risk of cross-contamination there.

Confused? That would be understandable. The bottom line is to BE CAUTIOUS, ask a lot of questions, and remember to keep in mind the cross-contamination risks rather than just the ingredient risks.

I commend Wendy’s for being so patient and forthright in answering our questions. We’ve done our best to convey the information to you as clearly as possible.

For allergen information and help locating the Wendy’s allergen chart, see our Wendy’s post here on Go Dairy Free.

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