25 Plant-Based Hemp Seed Recipes that are Dairy Free & Healthy


Shelled hemp seeds, or hemp hearts, are one of those under-loved foods, in my opinion. Not only are they extremely nutritious, but they are also amazingly rich, a touch nutty, and have this great snappy little bite. All in all, they’re extremely versatile and even somewhat fun for dairy-free diets. Which is why I’ve put together this great list of 25 plant-based hemp seed recipes.

25 Plant-Based Hemp Seed Recipes that are Dairy Free & Healthy (mostly gluten-free and vegan too!) - dairy alternatives, baked goods, meals, sides, and even desserts!)

25 Plant-Based Hemp Seed Recipes that are Dairy Free & Healthy

Hemp seeds are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and have a good balance of Omega 6 fatty acids. They also are a notable vegan source of protein and several micronutrients. On that note, hemp seeds have been found to be beneficial for heart health, brain protection, and mitigating inflammation, which can cause skin problems, arthritis, and more.

To play up those benefits, these plant-based hemp seed recipes pair various healthy ingredients. And hopefully give you some new ideas for incorporating hemp seeds into your daily diet. As an added bonus, most of them are naturally gluten free.

Note: Hemp seeds are related to the cannabis plant, but they do not naturally contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

Dairy Alternatives

Hemp seeds blend easily, and are quite creamy thanks to all of those healthy fats. We use them to make all of these rich milks, butters, and sauces.

Baked Goods

I love the tiny pops of hemp seeds in baked goods. They add interest, but aren’t as bulky or obtrusive as nuts.


You can blend hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, or hemp protein right into smoothies. Sometimes, the hemp seeds even make a fun topping for smoothies or smoothie bowls.

Meals & Sides

There are some delicious ways to incorporate hemp seeds into lunch and dinner. And these healthy plant-based hemp seed recipes get quite creative!

Better-for-You Desserts

Beyond the sweet recipes below, I think hemp seeds are fun to add to homemade dairy-free chocolate bark, or rolled on chocolate-covered frozen bananas.

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