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Sweet Dreams Hemp CookiesMeghan Atkinson CN, Manitoba Harvest News ~ Women can experience hormonal imbalances at any age, yet symptoms can be the most pronounced during the late twenties to forties.  In addition, many women experience these symptoms each month during the premenstrual stage of the menstrual cycle.  In each case, symptoms of a hormonal imbalance can range from any of the following: allergies, anxiety, brain fog; diminished sex drive; depression; dizziness; endometriosis; facial hair growth; fatigue; fibrocystic breasts; hair loss; headaches; low sex drive; osteoporosis; PMS; skin problems; urinary tract infections and incontinence; uterine fibroids; weight gain; water retention and bloating; and skin wrinkles …

Role of EFA'S:

Research has found that hormonal imbalances are associated with deficiencies in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's), including Omega-3 and Omega-6.  What's more is that 80% of North Americans are deficient in EFA's.  EFA's serve to provide the actual building materials necessary for hormone production.  In addition, studies have found that women who experience symptoms of hormone balance are lacking in the Omega-6 Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).  GLA can be difficult to get from foods, as it only occurs naturally in a small amount of foods.  Under normal circumstances, the body can convert the Omega 6, Linoleic Acid to GLA, yet it's been discovered that many women who have hormonal imbalances are not able to make the conversion effectively.

Balance with Hemp:

Great improvements in hormonal balance have been noted by the addition of Hemp to the diet.  Hemp contains the perfect balance of EFA's, and is one of the only plants to contain GLA so the body does not have to rely on converting it.  Adding (1-2) Tablespoons of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil, or (3-5) Tablespoons of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed a day, is a delicious, easy way to assist in achieving natural hormone balance and vibrant, health.

Recipes Using Hemp:


Meghan Atkinson is a Certified Nutritionist with over 10 years experience in holistic and natural health. She is extremely passionate about educating and inspiring others to achieve and maintain optimal, vibrant health.  Her approach to nutrition is based on whole-food nutrition and embracing the dietary principles and ancient wisdom that our ancestors embodied.  She is experienced in clinical and holistic nutrition, western herbalism, and the Body Ecology Method.  She currently consults with clients and conducts dynamic nutrition programs in Los Angeles, CA. 310-990-1555, matkinson@indra.com.

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