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/24-7PressRelease/ – CROYDON, UK – Foods for Life Nutritionists London dish out an annual award to the company they feel has made the most impact and delight in the world of healthy eating. This year the Foods for Life Health, Diet and Nutrition Award for Innovation goes to what is probably the world's healthiest ice cream…

Harley street nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston founded Foods for Life in 2003 after qualifying with credit to practice as a nutrition therapist and writing a healthy eating cookbook. She left The Food Doctor in 2006 to build Foods for Life into a force for change with the help of other top London Nutritionists Gareth Zeal and Penny Crowther.

Yvonne says " Our awards are really a bit of self indulgent fun – seeking out new delicious and nutritious foods is a very enjoyable pastime. However there is a serious side to it. If we are ever going to reverse the trend of modern health plagues of preventable diseases then innovative and exciting functional foods and foods with reduced saturated fat and sugar such as these are vital"

Last year Foods for Life Health, Diet and Nutrition Award for Innovation was won by Redwoods Foods for their high protein mince that had vital essential omega 3 fats and vitamin B12 allowing a new breed of recipes for healthier versions of UK pub and restaurant staples such as mousakka, lasagne, chilli con carne , cottage pie, spaghetti bolognaise and 'mince an tatties'.

The 2007 Foods for Life Award for Food Innovation has been awarded to Booja Booja for their healthier, sugar free, hydrogenated and animal fat free, diabetic and vegan friendly , dairy free delicious organic ice cream called 'stuff in a tub'. The Booja Booja ice cream is made with fresh cashew nuts, low GI agave (cactus) syrup to sweeten it and is made with predominantly raw and organic ingredients.

"There were quite a few contenders for our award this year " says Yvonne's partner, author and cook Tony Bishop-Weston. "Following Linda McCartney Foods adoption by Hain Celestial earlier this year the hydrogenated fat in Linda McCartney Sausages has been replaced, meanwhile Redwoods Foods have surpassed themselves once again with a new 7 bean pate, enhanced with flax, poppy and hempseed. Whilst Redwoods and Hain deserve congratulations it's hard to compete with healthier chocolate ice cream."

"The stuff in a tub is truly nutritionally scrumptious – I mean it's still something to be eaten in moderation – if you lack self control then you should always eat it with friends – it should never ever be eaten alone, late at night for those Bridget Jones moments as unlike dairy ice cream and despite extensive testing I've failed to discover the point where your body alerts you to the fact you've eaten too much – something this pure and natural really shouldn't taste this addictively and splendidly delicious – It's Vegäan Dazs!"

When asked what else was on the Foods for Life nutritional wish list Yvonne revealed some hints for the food manufacturing industry for 2008 " Fast food is still a problem. I'd like to see a really healthy, essential fat rich, high protein, and meat free hotdog, available in cinemas, theme parks and football grounds. As far as I can work out it's only a question of someone packaging it in the foil based vacuum packed ambient temperature safe packaging that those kind of caterers are used to. Perhaps a healthy protein rich vegetarian version of that bit of an animal pepperami salami snack? As a mum I'd also like to see healthier children's food options, things are gradually getting better but there's very little that makes me go wow or is rich enough in plant based omega essential fats." she says.

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