ZenSoy Puddings and Soymilk: Our Review, Recipes, and a Giveaway for All!


ZenSoy Vanilla SoymilkAlisa Fleming ~ For December and January, Go Dairy Free teamed up with ZenSoy for a recipe contest.  You can see all of the wonderful recipes on Alisa Cooks, but there is another surprise awaiting you on that post too, a giveaway! Yes, simply cast your vote in the comments of this post, and be entered to win a big prize package from ZenSoy worth approximately $100! (Today is the final day for entering (Jan 31) so head over now!)

Of course, before we could partner with ZenSoy on this contest and giveaway, we had to make sure their products passed our tests for quality and taste.

The ingredients promptly received our approval. Though soy isn’t for everyone, if you do enjoy soy, organic is a must. Fortunately, ZenSoy products are all certified organic, and use whole soy (not soy protein isolates … the extracted guilty party behind the many negative soy studies). We also loved how few ingredients their products have, and that they use natural sweeteners. To note, ZenSoy products are also non-GMO (a requirement for that organic certification), certified vegan, and certified kosher (OU-parve) …

It had actually been years since my husband and I had consumed any soymilk, Silk being the brand we purchased many years ago, but I think ZenSoy is now one of my husband’s favorite milk alternatives (soy or not). Unfortunately, the refrigerated cartons are only sold in the New York area (we are west coast bound), but they do have Soy-on-the-Go in shelf-stable, individual servings that are sold online and in stores across the country.

All of the ZenSoy Soymilk flavors are wonderfully rich, but not overly-thick. The flavor of the Chocolate soymilk was spot on – I couldn’t keep my husband out of it. Hot chocolate after hot chocolate emerged from our kitchen until the carton was nearly polished off. When I told him he needed to leave some for me to trial, he switched to the Cappuccino. He LOVED it in his coffee. Once again I had to intervene just to get a taste. Wow. Seriously, I don’t like coffee. But the subtle white mocha like taste was actually delicious and dessert like. I could easily see how it worked seamlessly as a coffee creamer. Since we can’t get the cartons in stores, I’m thinking about picking up some of the Soy-on-the-Go in Cappuccino, so my husband has a good coffee creamer option when we travel.

ZenSoy Soymilk

The ZenSoy Plain and Vanilla soymilks were equally rich and delicious, and quite versatile for recipes. These became the back-ups for coffee creamer for my husband, and were used in several baked goods. My only wish is that they had an unsweetened version. I think it the creaminess of ZenSoy would make an unsweetened variety very useful in savory dishes, and I prefer to use unsweetened milk alternatives at breakfast, to keep things sugar-free (for me) first thing in the morning.

The ZenSoy Pudding, to put it simply, is amazing. I am shocked that this product isn’t in every store across the country … or perhaps it is? After learning more about ZenSoy, their pudding magically appeared in the natural food section of my local mega-grocer. Okay, it was probably there all along, but I hadn’t realized it.

There are many brands of snack pudding on the market, but this is the only dairy-free and vegan one that graces the refrigerated section of numerous stores across the country. Not to mention, it tastes great and has that classic pudding texture. No funny “alternative” business here, this is the real deal. ZenSoy Pudding comes in four flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, and Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl. They were all tasty, but my husband and I agreed that the Vanilla was our favorite.

ZenSoy Pudding

The puddings can easily be packed along in lunches, and they make a great snack or healthier dessert … you can even make a parfait by layering granola and berries with the pudding! We didn’t get that fancy though … the puddings were devoured right out of the little packages or … used in recipes. Yes, as it turns out, ZenSoy Pudding makes a fantastic egg replacer in many recipes, like this Chocolate Cupcake recipe where I even used a container of the pudding to make a super-quick and delicious batch of frosting. See the recipe for both here.


My friend Libby at The Allergic Kid even used the Pudding to make an egg-free, dairy-free , and consequently vegan pound cake.

ZenSoy Pudding


ZenSoy Soy-on-the-Go and Soy Pudding Photos by Hannah Kaminsky. This is a third party review by Alisa Fleming, founder of GoDairyFree.org, blogger at Alisa Cooks, and author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living. Alisa is also a freelance writer for several publications, with an emphasis on creating recipes for various types of special diets.

For more information on ZenSoy, ingredients, and where to purchase, visit the ZenSoy website.

ZenSoy Soymilk

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