Dairy Free for 10 Months: Clear Skin, Calm Stomach and Weight Loss


Thanks to Go Dairy Free viewer Shantell for sharing her story:

I have been dairy free for 10 months and I originally went dairy free because I am lactose Intolerant. I hated how I felt after I consumed any kind of dairy. Also, it turns out that dairy has been the cause of my acne. I didn’t realize it until people started complementing my skin after going dairy free, and it looked as if I was glowing. Now mind you, I went dairy free May of 2015 And my birthday was in July. Of course I had indulged in some cake. My mom bought it, so how could I not? But every time I ate the cake I felt awful. But that was the only time I had any dairy in the past 10 months. It has been forever since I had pizza and ice cream. But it is worth it for me as I love my clear skin.

However, the best part of this dairy free diet is the amount of weight I have lost. I have lost about 30 to 35 pounds. I was orginally over 200 lbs and have now dropped a good amount of weight. My waist got smaller and I had to give away all of my clothes. This is something that truly works. I didn’t even exercise! A diet can change your whole lifestyle. Try it.

Personal Story: Dairy Free for 10 Months and felt better, lost over 30 lbs (without adding exercise!) and banished acne.

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  1. I never had acne growing up as a kid. I never really drank a lot of milk but I like cheese and ice cream. When I turn 25 years old, all of a sudden I developed a craving for milk and could not get enough. My face, chest and back started breaking out in huge volcanic, hot red cysts that produced a large amounts of pus. They would take a couple months to heal and would leave huge scars. I was told by a family friend that I might be allergic to milk.I went to allergists and dermatologists to determine that fact. They all told me it was in my head. I had no other choice but to educate myself through trial and error. I did determine that I am extremely sensitive to all dairy, regardless of the type of animal it comes from. I even have reactions to “dairy free” products processed on shared dairy lines. I can’t believe the government allows this type of cross contamination while the product still claims to be “dairy free”. I don’t know what is in the “dairy free” cheeses that still fires a similar break out. The only line of products that I have found that is truly dairy free is “So Delicious”. I feel for anyone like myself, that has a true dairy “allergy” for lack of a better word, as I have never been able to find anyone in the medical community that gives a damn.

  2. I just found out I’m allergic to dairy products, egg white and peanuts. I was eating low carb before and ate cheese and eggs as my go to food. Now just not sure what to eat in place of these items.

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