Milk and Beef Allergy and Restaurants in Denver


Susan ~ I have an 8 year old son that was diagnosed with a milk and beef allergy at 9 months old.  I had breastfed him exclusively and I drank milk and ate beef, but as soon as I tried milk-based formula at 9 months, he start going into anaphylactic shock.  We rushed to the ER where he promptly threw up to get rid of the milk.  Everywhere the vomit touched his skin, he turned bright red.  We immediately saw a pediatric allergist who ran the tests and gave us a list of everything he was allergic to and the plan:  avoid all of it.  About 3 months later he had the same reactiion after eating some roast beef and crackers for lunch.  Again to the ER and pediatric allergist.  This time beef was the diagnosis (it wasn't tested the first time.)  So now we avoid all cow products.  We have found several restaurants in the Denver area that will fix food just for him:  The Cheesecake Factory, Grand Luxe Cafe, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Maggiano's (in addition to some of the fast food places on your list). 

I just found this web site today (while trying to see if I could put shea butter lotion on his hands) and I loved the fast food list.  At least we know he'll be able to go on a date when he gets older. 

I also read the personal stories section and couldn't believe the stories about milk and cystic acne.  I always had acne in high school and did the typical tetracycline and avoid chocolate that the dermo's told you back then.  Then when I got in college, my acne exploded.  All cystic.  I was humiliated.  I finally saw a dermo that put me on Accutane.  I know some readers hated it, but I LOVED it.  It cleared my face up and I finally got asked out on a date!  Then I joined the Army and my acne came back.  I went on Accutane a 2nd time but it didn't help.  So  I just dealt with the ane for several years (I snagged a husband during my acne-free years!!)  and then started having kids so couldn't take anything.  After I finished nursing my 3rd child, the acne continued and started getting worse.  I went to an esthetician who clear it up for awhile.  It came back again and worse this time.  At one point I counted 12-14 cysts on my face 🙁  I finally went to another dermo and she put me on Spironolactone, which has cleared everything up completely. 

Now my 10 year old daughter had her first pimple this past week (and of course it was right smack dab in the middle of her forehead – a big deep red one!)  so I will try to wean her off milk and see if it helps.  Thanks for this web site, the stories and suggestions!

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