Sinusitis and Acne gone with no dairy food


Anonymous ~ I get extreme allergy reactions to dairy products and my face swells in my sinuses – one side of my face by my nose and continuing up to my brow and head. Exceedingly painful and puts me in bed for the day. I get this for 24 hours and it will come anywhere from 6 to 48 hours after eating dairy. The only dairy products I can eat are butter and cream (thank goodness) which are pure fat and don't have the junk in them [please note that butter and cream do still contain casein and lactose in some quantities and will not be safe for those who have moderate to severe allergies or sensitivities to milk].  So I either avoid them like the plague or have recently tried Lactaid which works like a miracle cure for me. No more sinus. I still don't overdo it but sometimes I DO like some blue cheese or something else yummy.

The acne thing we learnt about years ago in Natural Med school and I had a young neighbour who had the worst skin I have ever seen.  His face was like a mass of boils- it always looked so sore and painful and unslightly. He hated it and I suggested it was the gallons of milk he drank each day. He stopped drinking milk to see what would happen and within weeks his skin was AMAZING. Smooth skin and spot free. He was rapt but started drinking orange juice was also causes acne in some people…. so had to stop that too. But his skin remained clear and acne free.

When I met my husband, he was 39 and had had bad acne all his life. I said it's probably the milk you drink and he was horrified – as in most allergies – it's often something you LOVE. But he wanted to try it and see what happened – he was willing to give it a go. He gave up his milk and voila – his skin cleared up brilliantly and remains so unless he has milk. Now he has the Lactose free milk which is heat treated and he's ok with that.

On a general note – we were taught in Natural Med school that generally all dairy other than butter and cream is bad for you because we are not designed to digest it and we are poisoning ourselves when we have it. The only things that should have cows milk are baby cows which makes sense.

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