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Allermates Gear for Food AllergiesStumbling upon the Allermates booth at Expo West was like opening a treasure chest filled with fun food allergy trinkets. There were lots of “Ooh, look at this,” “How cute!,” and “What’s this cool carrier for?” comments, as we were shown a wide array of lunch bags, medicine packs, wristbands, dog tags, and stickers!

The Allermates product line knows no limits when it comes to wearing, sharing, or carrying food allergy necessities for kids. But, I have to admit, I fell in love with the dairy-free stickers myself! They are perfect for my mini recipe binders, don’t you think?

Allermates Dairy-Free Sticker

The latest additions to their expansive collection include EpiPen®, Auvi-Q (those fancy new epinephrine auto-injectors) and Asthma Inhaler carrying cases. Each colorful case comes with an Emergency Contact and Medication Information card.

Allermates Auvi Q Bags

The EpiPen® carrying case is insulated, and comes with an epinephrine auto-injector User Guide.

Allermates Auvi Q Bags

As for the other Allermates allergy-friendly product offerings, I think visual sharing works best.

Snack Bags

Allermates Snack Bags

Whimsical Stickers

Allermates Food Allergy Stickers

Fun & Functional Wristbands

Allermates Food Allergy Wrist Bands

In addition to the items above, Allermates offers a few colorful reusable lunch bag options (with similar cuteness to the snack bags shown above), booklets for coloring, adorable charms and dog tags that mimic the wrist bands, and a multi-allergy bracelet with the ability to add or remove (how nice!) allergies as needed for a custom fit. And as an added bonus, all AllerMates products, are nickel, lead, latex, BPA and phthalate free.

For more information: Visit their website at

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  1. Our son carries two epipens inside a waist sling he wears under his uniform. It is about an inch wide. Because one Epipen sits in front of your belly and the other one on your back it is quite easy to hide under clothing. He puts his puffer inside his pant pocket. Secure his pants pockets with a velcro so the puffer dosn’t fall off.

    The waist sling is called WaistPal and we bought it at amazon. It is manufactured by a food allergy mom and her kid. Their website is called

  2. These are cute!

    My son’s school requires us to bring his inhaler, spacer, and EpiPens in a fanny pack and that is what they store them in. Then if the class goes on a field trip, they make my son wear the fanny pack. I have had a hard time finding one that fits his waist, holds all the equipment, and is not embarrassing for him. Have you seen anything that fits that bill?

    • Monica, the Allermates have a clip for bags and belt loops, but I haven’t seen anything in a fanny pack format specifically. I’ll keep an eye out!

  3. I know these items are supposed to be for kids but as an adult, I’m with you!!! I love these things; so cute and makes being an allergy person kind of fun (if that’s possible)… 🙂