Amy’s Indian Meals: The Vegan Frozen Entree Varieties


I must confess … once in a while, when hunger strikes, and I just don’t feel like cooking, it’s nice to discover some ready-to-go frozen entrees in the freezer.  Such was the case the other day, when two more Amy’s entrees saved us from possible starvation (slight exaggeration). This time it was Amy’s Indian inspired meals.

Tasting Notes for Amy’s Indian Inspired Meals

Amy’s Indian Inspired Meals currently include several vegan options. At last count, we spotted two wraps, two meals, and two canned soups. We’ve sampled the ones below.

Vegetable Korma

As with most frozen entrees, the picture on the box was a bit livelier than the actual contents.  Luckily, its image was quickly boosted by some satisfying flavor.

The “tender organic vegetables in a curry sauce” was surprisingly spicy (but not unreasonable) and bold.  The mix was rich with cauliflower and contrasted with a few sweet raisins.  This was my favorite part of the entrée, but some more rice to enjoy the heat with would have been nice.

As for the rice that was there, it was quite mellow, slightly odd in flavor (not off-putting, just odd), and it was laced with cubed potatoes and peas.  Alas, it didn’t quite cook all the way, so some of the rice was a bit chewy.  Overall, I might have preferred to just make my own side of rice, double the batch of course.

The third portion of the dish was a dal.  Admittedly, I have no prior experience with dal, so I couldn’t offer a quality comparison.  I thought it was good, mild and flavorful, and very creamy.  It was similar to a rich cream, spiked with a good dose of lentils and beans.

Amy's Indian Meals

Overall, I enjoyed the unique flavors.  Just a quick swap (and doubling) of the rice, and lunch is served!

Mattar Tofu

I really hadn’t associated green peas with Indian Food, until I trialed these entrees.  As a subtle addition or as the showcase ingredient, there seemed to be peas in just about every little dish.  Speaking of, the curried peas in this meal were good and very mild, with some tofu scattered throughout. Yet, somehow, I still have trouble tasting peas as a main entrée.

The rice in this meal was pretty much white rice, with no particular flavors standing out.

The dal was a bit of a surprise, as it looked absolutely nothing like the picture on the box.  The picture seems to show a chunky mix with a good deal of corn.  The one in the package was definitely pureed, with just a few corn kernels throughout.  It had a curry like spice, with a relatively mild heat.  Not bad, but I think a “chunky” style dish would have been my textural preference.

Amy's Indian Meals

I split each frozen meal with my husband, for some variety and another opinion.  Like me, he felt that both dishes were good overall, and full of flavor, but he prefers the other Amy’s meals we have tried thus far. We were both “wowed” by Amy’s Baked Ziti.  However, I must admit that we have little experience with Indian food, usually opting for Thai food when the curry cravings strike.

Samosa Wrap

Per standard, my appetite couldn’t wait the hour required by the baking instructions, so into the microwave they went for a quick nuke.  Following the instructions, they easily cooked through in the allotted time, though the top layer of the wrap became a bit crispy (not a bad thing), while the bottom became rather soggy (not such a good thing).  This moisture made it difficult to pick up without the insides emerging.

Regardless,  I loved the flavor.  Each samosa concealled a very, very mild heat that even the sensitive taste buds of a child could appreciate.  There was a good amount of peas and actual chunks of potato.  Yes, some of the potato was mashed, but a good deal was left as hearty chunks, which was kind of cool in my opinion.  You know, somewhat reminiscent of real, unprocessed food. I give it an A+.

The Facts on Amy’s Indian Inspired Meals

Certifications: Amy’s Indian Inspired Meals are Certified Kosher DE.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Amy’s Indian inspired meals are dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, peanut-free, vegan / plant-based, tree nut-free, and vegetarian. Select varieties are gluten-free, nut-free, and/or soy-free. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

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