DVD – Pressure Cooking: A Fresh Look – “Delicious Dishes in Minutes”


The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooker DVDLet me start by saying that I am not one that is easily frightened in the kitchen. However, there is one piece of equipment that I have avoided for years because I feared what might happen if I use it. This piece of equipment is the pressure cooker! My mother-in-law was nice enough to buy me one a few years ago (due to her love of using them) and it has been sitting in my cabinet ever since. Yet, the Veggie Queen has helped me overcome my fears!

Jill Nussinow has published a DVD, Pressure Cooking: A Fresh Look Delicious Dishes in Minutes. I have never gotten a DVD for cooking before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was extremely helpful! Along with the DVD is a recipe book with all of the recipes written down and pictures to go along with the recipes. I like that she gives options for seasoning, as well.

After watching the video, I pulled out my pressure cooker to check it out. The one I owned was not nearly as fancy, but after reading the manual that came with mine, I was excited (and still a little nervous) to get started. I picked the black beans first because I had everything on hand to make them and I figured if I messed up, they did not cost much to start with (I hate wasting food), so I really had nothing to lose. So, with my husband by my side (for moral support), we put the beans on to cook.

We were both skeptical that we could really be eating black beans in around 5 minutes, but we were willing to give this a shot. I am happy to say that it was a huge success! We were eating our taco salads with freshly cooked black beans within 10 minutes. Not only were they cooked, but we were both pleased with how well they were cooked. Seriously, beans normally take hours to cook. This was so exciting! I have already picked my next recipe to make and I am no longer afraid to try it. I have to say, that actually being able to get dinner on the table that quickly is nice and the DVD really helped me take the plunge to discover how easy using the pressure cooker could be!

The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooker DVD

If your life is busy and you like to provide healthy hot meals for your family, I highly recommend this DVD.

Editor's Note: The DVD includes demos of the following 14 recipes, along with an accompanying booklet of the recipes written out to use in your kitchen:

    • Market Fresh Breakfast Potatoes With Tofu and Veggies
    • Hot Cereal with Cranberries, Apples and Walnuts (a.k.a. My Favorite Cereal)
    • Simple Vegetable Stock
    • Thai Carrot Coconut Soup
    • Shane’s Fabulous Lentil Soup
    • Harvest Vegetable Soup
    • Black Beans
    • Spiced Red Rice and French Green Lentils
    • Herbed Polenta
    • Basmati or Thai Purple Sticky Rice
    • Garlicky Green Bean Potato Salad
    • Simple Basil Summer Squash
    • Vanilla Berry Risotto
    • Summer Fruit Compote

This is a third party review by Sarena Shasteen of the blog, The Non-Dairy Queen.  For more information and to purchase this product, see The Veggie Queen's pressure cooker website.

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