Food Allergies and Me: A Children’s Book


Food Allergies and Me by Juniper Skinner (book review)


This children's story is about Jack who is allergic to peanuts, eggs and milk. The story takes the reader through the basics of food allergy safety at school, playground, and birthday parties, from the view point of Jack. An allergic child might enjoy seeing a book character bring their own "safe cupcake" to a birthday party, as it is familiar to so many allergic families, and a part of Jack's life as well.

The reader also follows Jack as he goes to the allergist and other allergy basics in the language of a young child.

Jack shares more about himself than his food allergy, such as his love of dinosaurs and soccer.

Like most children's food allergy books, the book is meant to initiating allergy awareness not provide medical information.

For more information, here is the You Tube promotion of the book. I was sent a pdf copy of this book to review, but the book is available via both Kindle and Paperback.

This is a third-party review by Karen of Avoiding Milk Protein. Karen blogs and provides tons of information about milk allergies as well as other food allergen and sensitivity issues. To purchase Food Allergies and Me, visit Amazon.

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