Mind Your Own Wellness – “Self-help for a naturally healthy diet”


Mind Your Own Wellness: Turning thoughts into reality by Alex Ong

This book is a good primer to general health and well being.  The author takes on a very enthusiastic and energetic tone, making his work a definite cross between a diet plan and a self-help book. Though the format of the book can become confusing at times, the large print, succinct paragraphs, and frequent checklists, make it an easy read that hits home on many points. 

The author follows the work of researchers such as T. Colin Campbell (author of The China Study), so he promotes a low animal-protein diet.  Nonetheless, pushing a vegan diet is not his focus.  Instead, he encourages the readers to make overall healthful choices by identifying and defining many of the unnatural foods that sneak into our diets, such as MSG, nitrites and artificial flavors.

Rather than setting forth a specific diet plan, this book focuses on transitioning the way the reader thinks about food, understanding what foods and behaviors are healthy, and eliminating emotional attachments, bad habits, and saboteurs of good health. 

This book offers solid advice for those who are new to the health path, though those who have already been on the trail for a short time should find some very helpful facts, ideas, and menu plans!

Mind Your Own Wellness is available on Amazon.

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