Sweet Utopia – “Simply stunning vegan desserts”


With my sweet tooth calling, I cracked open Sweet Utopia by Sharon Valencik.  Each recipe sounds absolutely decadent and is paired with a gorgeous color photograph.  I sat in awe staring at each page, contemplating which recipes to bake today.  I flipped over to the cookie section and I was struck by two side-by-side cookie recipes, Chocolate Chippers and Fudgy Chip Cookies.

Sweet Utopia Vegan Cookies

Both recipes are fairly straight forward with easy to find ingredients, and yield about 30 cookies each.  The recipes would be very easy to scale down if you aren't looking for so many cookies, but I definitely was, so I was very pleased to get so many cookies out of these recipes.

Sweet Utopia Vegan Cookies

The Chocolate Chippers, in particular, reminded me of the cookies my grandma used to make when I was younger.  Soft, chewy, and very sweet!  The addition to nuts to chocolate chip cookies is one choice I can get down with, I love any sort of added crunch to a soft cookie.  The Fudgy Chip Cookies live up to their name! 


Sweet Utopia Vegan Cookies

These chocolate-packed treats are indeed fudgy and incredibly rich.  They are the perfect cookie to dip into your favorite non-dairy milk.


Sweet Utopia Vegan Cookies

I am very pleased with Sweet Utopia!  I am looking forward to baking from it again very soon.  I've got my eye on the Mocha Marble Cheesecake and the Nutty Biscotti.  Sound good to you?  Pick this book up and bake yourself into your own sweet utopia!

Sweet Utopia - Vegan Desserts

This is a third party review by the talented vegan blogger, Nicole of Another One Bites the Crust. Sweet Utopia is available to purchase on Amazon.

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