The Very Non-Dairy Christmas – “Bringing the Magic of Santa to Food Allergic Tots”


Very Non-Dairy Christmas Children's BookBy Barb Nicoletti – When I was asked to review The Very Non-Dairy Christmas, I was delighted.  I like many of you have children with food allergies.  Finding someone or something that they can relate to whether it is real or make believe is special.

The magic of Christmas is already in full force.  The catalogs have begun to arrive by the armload; the television advertisements have been out for many weeks now.  When you venture to the stores the Halloween decorations are all stored away until next year and the Christmas decorations are everywhere.   My children have already started asking “Momma when is Santa Coming”.

Christmas has always been special to me too; Santa had brought me a beautiful bundle of joy.  So when the book arrived I eagerly gathered my son who is 4.5 yrs old and my daughter who will be 6. 

As I started reading the book, my children actually related to the story.  Santa Claus has a dairy allergy and is in a dilemma on what to do Christmas Eve when delivering presents.  Should he eat the cookies and milk and get sick or should he refrain and run the risk of upsetting so many children on Christmas?   Jonathan who also has dairy allergies is struggling with the dilemma of leaving Santa cookies and milk made dairy free.    

The book was well thought out.  The author incorporated her children’s and their friends’ name’ into many parts of the book.  Santa’s checklist had Alex and Ben’s names on it, and Eric’s name was on a note from Santa, and of course the story was about Jonathan who has food allergies.  

Santa Claus is a magical illusion for so many children.  Santa brings toys and grants special requests that only happen once a year for good little boys and girls.  So the idea of Santa having allergies is something that could make a food allergic child’s dream and image of their Santa more special.  My children have asked me to read them this book several times in the past week.  I am sure the closer we get to Christmas the more the request will come for this story. 

The fantasy of make believe and the magic of Santa comes alive in this cute and whimsically illustrated tale of a Dairy Free Christmas.  The book gives readers a great vision of how sick Santa will get if he eats “cows milks”. 

The only downfall to the book would be the size and structure of the material.  The book is geared toward toddlers and small children who would love to pick up the book and view the pictures.  The book’s structure is not something that can with stand being man handled and tossed around as young children typically do.  A smaller board-style book would stand up much better to those chubby little hands looking to sneak a peak at Santa and his elves.    All in all the book was a great read, something I would read over and over again to my children. 

The book is available though

Barb Nicoletti is a mom of two children with multiple food allergies.  She is currently producing a food allergy cookbook.

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