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Bow Wow Bon Bons + Various Chocolate Bars
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On October 29, 2012
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Everything about this vegan chocolate company is adorable … the cause, the packaging, and of course, the chocolate.

When I was contacted by Rescue Chocolate about their cause, there was no way I could say no. First, I confess, it is hard to turn down chocolate samples. But second, Rescue Chocolate donates 100% of net proceeds to animal rescue organizations around the country.

Rescue Chocolate






Everything about Rescue Chocolate is adorable. The cause, the packaging, the chocolate. When the shipment arrived I was seriously overwhelmed with cuteness; the deliciously rich taste was simply icing on the cake.

Tasting Notes for Rescue Chocolate Bars and Bonbons

Meticulously enclosed in a little reusable case with magnetic closure, the bon bons themselves were petite two bite delights with big flavor and hand-crafted appeal. The box contains four chocolate treats: PB&J, 72%, Cinnamon, and Salted Peanut …

Rescue Chocolate - Vegan and Dairy-Free


This was like a mini choco-sandwich! The “J” was more of a gelatin, while the peanut butter had a nice little crunch. Since I am not as big of a PB&J fan as my husband, this one had more appeal to him. I preferred the next bon bon …


This variety had a soft filling that was very smooth, silky, and slightly fruity. This was a spot on blend that most dark and semi-sweet chocoholics would love.


I believe this was the 72% spiked with cinnamon. I am a cinnamon addict, so the spice flavor was mild for me, but did add a nice influence.

Salted Peanut

This was a true love at first bite! It had a definite Reese’s vibe, but with a contrasting salty bite and just the right amount of crispy crunch.

After that delicious experience, we were so excited to dig into the bars!

Pick Me! Pepper

A solid chocolate dark chocolate bar (around 70% dark) that is spiked with pasilla pepper, mulato pepper, “spice,” and fleur de sel. The first bite was a bit startling! As my taste buds “warmed” up to it, I began to really enjoy this melodic rather than harmonic mix. The flavor migrated, rich, sweet, salty, hot … the flavors don’t really blend but rather danced one right after the other. Though there was a bit of heat, the pepper fades relatively fast, which I liked. Rather than a cayenne fire remaining to be extinguished, the aftertaste was sweet, warm, and cacao rich.

Rescue Chocolate - Vegan and Dairy-Free

Peanut Butter Pit Bull

This flavor has a truffle bar vibe. This was quite possibly my favorite, and I believe it is the big bar version of the salted peanut truffle. The center is somewhat like a peanut butter cup, but softer, and with a slight cocoa flavor. It also had a smattering of light crispies within to mix up the texture. It had such a well balanced sweet and salty bite.

Rescue Chocolate - Vegan and Dairy-Free

The packaging on these bars is just wonderful. With each one I felt as if I was opening a hand-wrapped gift, and inside each bar was further enclosed in a perfectly fitting plastic bag that could be resealed to keep the bar fresh … and to keep me from feeling the need to devour the whole thing at once!

Feel free to comment below if you have tasted any of their other flavors!

The only drawback with Rescue Chocolate is the price. That’s always the kicker isn’t it? For a splurge or a gift, I could easily pay the $6 per bar (especially the peanut butter bar!) in the name of a good cause, good overall product, and good-tasting chocolate. It’s wonderful for gifts in my dog-loving community. For now, I will keep it in mind for special gifts and perhaps to help fundraise for the animal rescue in my area!

The Facts on Rescue Chocolate

Certifications: Rescue Chocolate is Certified Kosher Parve, Certified B-Corp, and is labelled vegan and fair-trade, but we didn’t note any certifications.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, these products are Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, and Gluten-Free, but see the packaging and contact the company for allergen “may contain” labeling and manufacturing processes.

For More Product Information: Visit the Rescue Chocolate website at

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