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Dairy-free cheese is a very particular thing. Many tasters will covet a certain alternative while others may loathe it. But love them or hate them, it’s hard to deny the mainstay popularity of Daiya Shreds dairy-free cheese alternatives over the years.

Daiya Shreds Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives (Review) - available in four cheesy vegan and top allergen-free varieties.

As one of the few top allergen-free alternatives, the Daiya Shreds received our top pizza-performing rank. Also, it does add easy, cheesy appeal to many recipes. It whisks into sauces and despite its rather staunch appearance, it actually melts atop many dishes with relative ease.

Daiya Shreds Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives (Review) - available in four cheesy vegan and top allergen-free varieties
Beyond our own household trials, I asked for opinions from a couple of bloggers, and got surprisingly rave responses. Erin at  Adventures in ASD and GFCF Living said:

The Daiya Shreds are so awesome I can hardly stand it. The Mozzarella Syle, anyway – have not tried the cheddar style yet. It’s melty and it stays melted for pizza that’s just wonderful. Even my husband who does not need to be dairy free admits that this stuff is really good.  I just love it!

Daiya Shreds Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives (Review) - available in four cheesy vegan and top allergen-free varieties

Sarena of The Non-Dairy Queen trialed the Daiya Shreds dairy-free cheese a couple of unconventional ways, in a grilled vegetable panini and atop a cheesy squash casserole, and more traditionally, on pizza:

I was kind of eh, about it with the panini. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but I wasn’t blown away by it. But on the squash casserole…I LOVED it! It is extremely creamy and melts really well (pictured below). I don’t think it has a ton of flavor, but I guess mozzarella cheese isn’t loaded with flavor either.  That’s what makes it a great addition to dishes where you are looking for creamy gooeyness, but don’t want to mask the the flavors of your dish. Honestly, the problem with most dairy free cheeses are the messed up flavors, so the mild flavor of Daiya is perfect in my book. Finally, I tried it on a buckwheat flat bread pizza with roasted red pepper spread, the Mozzarella Style, and a pepper/onion mix. Ok, they win…I am sold.  This stuff is really amazing on pizza and even stringy like real cheese.
Daiya Shreds Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives (Review) - available in four cheesy vegan and top allergen-free varieties
Unlike Erin and Sarena, we also tried the Cheddar Style Daiya Shreds, which had a more pronounced cheesy flavor than the Mozzarella Style, but were still relatively mild. They melted just as well for some easy, delicious Irish nachos … er, with Mediterranean toppings – otherwise known as something I whipped up with what I had on hand.

Daiya Cheese

The Facts on Daiya Shreds

Certifications: Daiya Shreds are Certified Kosher Parve and Certified Vegan. The have been going through Non-GMO verification and do use only non-GMO ingredients.

Dietary Notes: By ingredients, Daiya Shreds are dairy-free / non-dairy, egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, vegan / plant-based, and vegetarian. Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you. Processes and labeling are subject to change at any time for any company / product.

For More Product Information: Visit the Daiya Foods website at daiyafoods.com.

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Melty, mildly cheesy flavor

4.0 rating
February 21, 2019

A temporary reformulation in 2015 caused many Daiya fans to jump ship. Fortunately, the old shred formula was reinstated in 2016 for the original melty, mildly cheesy flavor that is more pleasing to most. Our dairy-free tasters gave the Mozzarella and Cheddar Style enthusiastic high marks, while those who eat dairy gave it a solid “good” for general enjoy-ability and cheese-like goodness that was pretty close, but still notably not dairy cheese. However, they could be fooled when the shreds were used in a sauce

Sarena Shasteen

About Author

Sarena is a graduate of The School of Culinary Arts in Atlanta, and she has worked in various fields in the culinary industry since 1995. Sarena discovered that she was lactose "challanged" in 2005, and soon after began creating recipes for her dairy-free (and now gluten-free) blog, The Non-Dairy Queen.


  1. Thanks for your review. After being dragged kicking and screaming to a vegan Mexican restaurant recently, I (with much chagrin) fell in love with vegan cooking. I wanted to try and replicate a dish I had at the restaurant, so on your review I picked up some Pepper Jack Daiya shreds. I love the stuff! I like how it melts and stays melted. Best if all is how it kind of sticks to your teeth like real cheese does. I didn’t mind the mild taste, as I brought a lot of flavor into the dish.

  2. Yuck, I am not sure why everyone loves this stuff. My husband is allergic to dairy but after trying Daiya slices and shreds, we are both begging for real cheese. The cheddar slices tasted so awfully fake, but they did have a slight melty consistency that looked good. They were edible but I definitely won’t buy them again. The pepperjack shreds completely ruined the tacos I put them on. I wasn’t expecting them to taste like real cheese but I at least hoped they would be palatable. Pretty disappointed and if this is the best option I am feeling discouraged.

  3. Very tasty I was skeptical I didn’t think it would taste that good but it’s very very good and I recommend this to anybody who needs a dairy alternative

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  5. Yasmeen Nelly on

    I had to go dairy-free because I’m allergic to casein. Daiya shreds do not melt. I’ve tried it and it does not melt. It releases an oil and oily flavour and that’s it. It tastes horrible. I had to scrape it off my pizza. Maybe it’s the Daiya in Canada that’s so gross? I don’t know. Daiya slices for grilled cheese on the other hand is amazing!

  6. Since going dairy-free, my kids have really missed pizza. We’re going to have to try the Daiya shreds on a homemade (gluten free) pizza. Thank you.

  7. This is my go to cheese for everything. It melts to stringy and is easily available where I live and the other brands are harder to find

  8. Perfect for pizza! Melts well and tastes delicious. I can hardly tell it’s not real cheese. Even my non-vegan boyfriend couldn’t tell the difference. I highly recommend this product.

  9. This is my go to cheese for EVERYTHING. Since removing dairy from my diet, I have missed cheese. Now that I’ve found Daiya, my life is changed for the better! 🙂

    Love this stuff!

  10. We have been using Daiya dairy alternatives for a few years now and they were a life-saver when we first needed to ditch gluten and dairy! My son has a VERY selective palette and his meals of choice were dominated by pizza, mac and cheese and nachos – hmmm….can you see an issue? Anyway, Daiya products offered us the opportunity to make delicious alternatives and therefore survive moving to a new dietary lifestyle! We have used most of the shreds, wedges and spreads and enjoyed them immensely.

  11. Karen Origer-Greco on

    Thanks for the great review. I absolutely love Daiya Vegan Cheese Alternative. I’ve tried several brands but this one is my favorite. I also love how it’s soy free since I can’t have soy and so many other brands have soy in them. It also melts really well. My favorite flavor is the pepper jack. Mozzarella is the most versatile and can be used in so many dishes from pizza to lasagna.