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I got my hot little hands on three flavors of Arico’s new Gluten-free and Dairy-free Cookies, and I must say, I was impressed.  The packaging was a crisp, stand-alone pouch, with a functioning resealable zipper.  If anyone can malfunction a resealable bag, it would be me, but Arico’s seemed foolproof.  Since I live in a dry climate, this zipper was a huge plus for retaining the cookie moisture.

At first site, I must confess that I was a bit disappointed.  The bag seemed very lightly filled, causing me to wonder if this specialty food might be a bit overpriced.  But then, like a clown car, I continued to pull cookie after cookie from these magical pouches. 

Arico Cookies

The cookies themselves were petite in size, yet not mini … perhaps two inches in diameter.  Considering the nutritional information allowed me two cookies per serving, I was pretty satisfied.  As for the taste …

Lemon Ginger

While lemon isn’t usually the first flavor to draw me in, the ginger component caused me to reach … rephrase that … lunge for this flavor first.  As I went in for the first bite, a wonderful lemon scent greeted my nose.  The flavor was perfect; lightly sweet, a hint of lemon, and the occasional warm burst of crystallized ginger. 

Arico Cookies

The cookie was soft and forgiving, yet with my third bite I began to notice the slightly different texture.  IT was heartier and a bit coarser than your average all-purpose flour cookie.  Overall it had a very nice cookie like chew, though some may find the unique texture (which I assume was the brown rice flour) slightly off-putting.  But, if you are like me, this brown rice texture is par for the coarse with gluten-free goodies and my taste buds have adapted to enjoy it and at times, prefer it. 

In my opinion, this cookie would be the perfect companion for tea, as it isn’t too sweet, yet just sweet enough to be called a cookie.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to test this theory, as I couldn’t wait for my tea to cool off before devouring every last crumb.  While I am not typically a huge lemon fan, this cookie hit all the right notes. 

Peanut Butter

While I usually like a soft chewy cookie (of which this was both) it was chewy in a way that my palate was not totally accustomed to.  The flavor was very light, gently hinting at peanut butter.  I felt that they could have stepped the peanut butter up a notch, but overall it was a nice lightly sweet cookie. 

Arico Cookies

A smattering of little peanut bits dotted each cookie, adding some interest to the texture.  Aside from the chewiness, the cookie had a nice texture, a touch less grainy than the lemon ginger.  This isn’t a cookie I would turn down, ever, but I would love to see them spike up the PB a bit.  If you aren’t a fan of rich cookies, which many people aren’t, then this might be the perfect peanut butter influenced cookie.

Cranberry Almond

I swear I could smell the strong essence of orange in this cookie; it greeted my nose with cheerful anticipation. This cookie was chewy, soft, and a bit more complex in flavor than the other two.  Fruity hints played off of the sliced almonds while cranberries heightened the sweetness and flavor.  The flavors were contrasting in a way I hadn’t expected, yet completely delightful together. 

Arico Cookies

This cookie was a touch sweeter than the other two, but it had the same hearty backdrop, which I was quickly coming to love.  Yes, this one has the soft and chewy texture down nicely, with a pleasant burst of cookie sugariness that is mellow all in the same.

I liked the Cranberry Almond best for texture and sweetness, but the Lemon Ginger flavor was my favorite for its unique and cheerful blend. The Peanut Butter was just an all around good cookie, good flavor, not too sweet, good texture, just not a huge stand out. 

My husband who has an aversion to all things ginger, wouldn’t even approach my top pick.  But, he easily proclaimed the Cranberry Almond as his top pick.  He too enjoyed the PB cookie, but it didn’t wow him. 

My Extra Notes:
  • These cookies also come in Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate, and Triple Berry … um yum!
  • They boast the following on the label: no trans fat, no preservatives, no artificial flavor or color, good source of fiber (3g per 2 cookies), and 15% of your daily calcium need (per 2 cookies).
  • What I love though is how satisfying two cookies are (one serving) and how low in sugar they are.  Just 3g of sugar per cookie … almost unheard of in this sugar injected age!
Where to Purchase: 

Arico's Cookies and Cookie Bars can be purchased directly from Arico Foods online.  They are also sold in stores within the US,  Of course, you can purchase them for a very good price at, with free shipping.

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