Carole’s Soycrunch (DISCONTINUED)


Carole’s SoyCrunch is a truly unique snacking experience.  Low in fat, mostly sodium-free, and high in protein, this kid-friendly food bridges the gap between sweets and healthy snacks.  SoyCrunch can best be described as crunchy bites with a caramelized coating, a bit like Cracker Jacks, but not really.  For starters, they are made with chunks of soy protein (a vegetarian favorite), crispy morsels produced from protein-packed non-GMO soybeans.  Also, the sugary coating comes from evaporated cane juice.  This is a less refined sugar that retains some of the natural minerals found in sugar cane.  While the sweet, sticky crunch of soy clusters isn’t for everyone, Carole’s wide selection of flavors allowed almost all of our tasters to find one or two types that they really enjoyed. 

  • Pros:  Very low in fat; High in protein; Vegan; Gluten-free; Peanut-Free; Certified Kosher Pareve; All-natural and simple ingredients: Many flavors to choose from; Portable healthy snacking
  • Cons:  With respect to those who have dental work (i.e. braces, crowns, etc.), the sweeter flavors are quite sticky, and all flavors are very crunchy; Moderately high in sugars.

Recommended For:

  • Trail & Granola Mixes
  • Snacking
  • Kid’s Lunch Boxes
  • Sprinkling over Desserts (i.e. Ice Cream)
  • Jazzing up Bran Flakes
  • Mixing with Peanut Butter
  • Long Car Rides

Flavor: Original

I love the simplicity of Carole’s Original SoyCrunch.  It is purely soy protein, evaporated cane juice, and natural vanilla.  The flavor is lightly sweet with a solid crunch.  This flavor seems best suited for a protein rich snack on its own, or mixed in with your hearty morning cereal or snack mix. 

Flavor: Cajun

The Cajun SoyCrunch has a very contrasting sweet-hot blend.  It is perfectly suited for jazzing up a healthy trail mix.  We found the Cajun variety to be more crispy rather than crunchy, with a mild heat as an aftertaste.  As an added bonus, this flavor is the lowest in sugar, only 8 grams per serving. 

Flavor: Toffee

This was by far the most popular flavor with our taste-testers.  Stickier and sweeter than the Original, the Toffee SoyCrunch is more of a candy than a snack mix.  For those who are afraid to venture too far from the highly customized (scientifically created) flavors of most processed sugar snacks, this SoyCrunch may help them ease into the natural food lifestyle.  Obviously, the Toffee flavor is the highest in sugar, but these nuggets still boast a hefty dose of protein and a very low fat and sodium count.

Flavor: Cinnamon Raisin

The Cinnamon Raisin SoyCrunch was enjoyed most by our Toffee fans.  The clusters were quite chewy due to the sweeter SoyCrunch and the raisins.  I felt that the raisin flavor overpowered the mix a touch, yet I loved the cinnamon punch combined with the sugary sweetness.

Flavor: Coconut

Although the Coconut SoyCrunch was one of the most particular flavors, it was my personal favorite.  Slightly lower in sugar than the original, the taste comes from a more even blend of sugar and coconut.  I found it to have a somewhat macaroon-like flavor.

Where to Buy:

  • Online – Direct from Carole's
  • In Stores – Whole Foods Markets in the Northeast & South East; Health Food and Specialty Stores in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington, DC and Maryland

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