Cheetah Bars by Nutrafig (DISCONTINUED)


The NutraFig brand by San Joaquin Figs is still around, but they no longer make these bars. However, you can get their beloved figs on Amazon.

With all of the “bars” on the market, it can be hard to compete, but Nutrafig has created a strong contender with their Organic Cheetah Bars.  Our tasters gave the Cheetah Bar two thumbs up for texture (similar to a Clif Bar, only slightly drier) and for great natural flavors.  We liked the well-balanced mix of complex (oats, soy flour, brown rice, and oat bran) and simple (cane juice, figs, strawberry) carbohydrates.  This equates to quick and restorative energy for endurance activities.

The 6 grams of protein helps to round out the nutrient mix.  As a snack bar or breakfast-on-the-go bar, it is a bit higher in sugar than we like to see.  However, we really liked the Cheetah Bar for the afternoon lull.  You know what I am talking about, that time of day when you are craving either a dessert or a nap.  Nutrafig’s creation is a healthy alternative to the plate of cookies your coworker is so generously (read: deviously) sharing, and the carbohydrate mix will supply you with that much needed energy to make it through until dinner.

  • Pros: The Price!; Vegan; Organic; Excellent energy nutrient mix; Good texture; Pleasant natural flavor
  • Cons:  High in sugar; Slightly dry, water required; One flavor doesn’t suit all (luckily there are a few to choose from)

Recommended For:

  • Endurance Activities (before & during)
  • A Sweet Fix
  • The Afternoon Lull

Flavor: Lemon

Wow, what a pleasant surprise!  It was risky having me on the tasting panel for the lemon bar, as I am not a big lemon-flavored fan, but after trying the other two flavors, I really wanted to compare.  Plus I had two mid-day soccer games back to back, and needed something that would see me through.  The nutrient mix did its magic (I made it through!), and, as it turns out, I loved the flavor.  It was very similar to the strawberry bar, but lemon, and without the overly sweet aftertaste.  It also had an incredible natural lemon scent that made it even more enticing.  I did share some of the bar with a fellow teammate.  She said “good, a bit of a dry texture after a game, but good”.  I definitely had to drink a bottle of water with it, but I do prefer the drier more oat-based bar to a chewy “Power Bar” textures.

Flavor: Strawberry

The Strawberry Cheetah bar has a fantastic natural flavor, but we weren’t as fond of the sugary sweetness, which seemed to linger.  A recommendation for reducing the cane sugar just a touch was made by one staff member who reviewed the ingredients.  However, for those who like the flavor of a more “dessert-like” bar, this one will definitely fit the bill.

Flavor: Peach Apricot

Quite different from the other two bars, the Peach Apricot variety is excellent for dried fruit fans.  Our tasters were a bit overwhelmed at first by the “fig” flavor.  The combination of dried apricots and peaches seemed to enhance the figs in the bar.  Although I liked it personally, it wouldn’t be my first flavor choice.  On the plus side, this bar is very hearty, doesn’t have an overly sweet aftertaste, and is good for energy as well.

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