Cocoa Pete’s Berry Berry Dangerous Chocolate Bar (DISCONTINUED)


Just as I was heading towards the checkout at my local drugstore, an intriguing red box and the name Cocoa Pete’s, caught my eye.  In my dairy-free ventures I had heard of this brand from among vegan communities.  While I had never seen it in any store whatsoever, here I stood face-to-face with a dairy-free chocolate bar in a chain drugstore of all places.  Of the three drugstores within a 2-mile radius of my house, not one had carried a single chocolate bar free of milk ingredients.  Even the dark RitterSport seems to have vanished from shelves, and the “extra dark” labels from Hershey’s proudly display milk on the ingredient lists, go figure.

Nonetheless, Cocoa Pete’s Berry Berry Dangerous Bar (the only milk-free bar from Cocoa Pete’s) was not only on proud display, but it was on sale!  While these two facts alone made for a quick sale, Pete couldn’t help but add in one more element of intrigue, this bar came in a box!  You see, it really isn’t a bar at all, though they call it one.  Four large truffle-looking domes are attached in a chain fashion. 

Cocoa Pete's Berry Berry Dangerous Chocolate Bar

Checking out with this extra purchase, I couldn’t wait to get home and give this unique, newfound drugstore chocolate a try!  Once unwrapped, it looked even more awesome than I expected, but really, who could resist giant mounds of perfectly formed chocolate?  While they take on a truffle appearance, Cocoa Pete’s is solid chocolate, but in this case, with strawberry bits scattered within.

I attempted to cut it in half to see if I could spot the strawberries as shown on the box.  After making a total mess, and seeing not a single red berry, I felt a pang of disappointment.  But just then, a bright strawberry scent met my nose, slowly wafting from the freshly cut chocolate. Indeed while not visible to the naked eye, it was packed with bits of dried strawberry … delicious!

The chocolate itself was also quite agreeable. I was more of a semi-sweet that took on a lighter, milkier, dessert like note when combined with the sweet strawberries.  Really it was an indulgent combination that I wouldn’t consider too rich for even little taste buds.  While not the most sophisticated dark chocolate that I had ever tasted, Cocoa Pete’s could certainly be classified as a real crowd pleaser.

Cocoa Pete’s website  has literally been under construction for years.  But, I can only assume that the phone and email posted on the front (and only) page of their website is correct and open to consumers with questions about where to purchase their chocolate.

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