Doctor Kracker Muesli Kribbons (DISCONTINUED)



Please Note: This flavor has been discontinued …

… but Doctor Kracker Snacker Krackers are still available.

With three versions of Snacker Krackers already stamped with my seal of approval, I was interested to see what could possibly make this product special enough for its very own “Kribbon” label.  Just glancing at the Kribbons through the plastic, see-through container, they appeared to be very similar to the Snacker Kracker line.  In other words, they looked like dense and hearty crackers.

I reached for my first Kribbon and still noted just subtle differences.  These were rectangular in shape (the Krackers are square) and they were topped with a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds, rather than the seed variety mix found on the Krackers. 

Yet, when I bit in, the uniqueness of this product truly emerged.  The Kribbons still retained the signature “crunch” that Doctor Kracker so proudly displays.  However, the initial crispiness was immediately followed by a chewy texture.  As the crunchy chewy texture alternated in my teeth, I noticed these crackers were rich with what appeared to be dried fruit.

As usual, I refrained from looking at the ingredients until I had trialed the product.  I was certain that I had pinpointed the key ingredients in the Muesli Kribbons, but … per standard … I was a bit off.  I guessed that the dark speckles were dried blueberries.  Yet, as I arrogantly glanced at the label, the word “blue” did not appear.  In fact, these delights hide dried currants, mango, and apples within!  This explains the complex fruity taste that contrasts yet compliments the whole grain spelt background. 


The spelt flour and bran lend an earthy tone to the Kribbons that is well noted.  Sunflower seeds embedded themselves deep within the crackers for added flavor, but I would not have known they were there if I hadn’t spotted one peeking out.  The sesame seeds seem to enhance the overall appeal from both an image and flavor perspective.

Beyond the fancy title, these are the ultimate “Snacker Kracker” in my opinion.  They have an excellent stand-alone ability, and are certainly something I have never before experienced.  Whether in a lunch box, purse, or hiking pack, the Muesli Kribbons have leaped into my top ten for pack along snacks. 

Though, beyond these thick wafers, I still have no idea what a Kribbon is? 

My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • I am puzzled yet pleased by the 0g of sugar in these somewhat sweet crackers.  I am not sure how the dried fruit lends no sugar, but I am very pleased that it is at the very least quite low.
  • Like all of Doctor Kracker’s products, these are obsessively organic, the grains, the seeds, and the fruit.
  • Though no higher in calories than your average crackers, these pack a good dose of fiber, protein, and “heart-healthy” fats.  Two thumbs up for nutrition in my book!

Where to Purchase: Dr. Kracker's Snacker Krackers are available in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit the Dr. Kracker website for a U.S. store locator.  They are also available online, via Amazon.

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