Everybody Eats Chicken Ravioli (DISCONTINUED)


Of all the wonderful foods from Everybody Eats, I was most excited to trial their Chicken Raviolis.  After all, it isn’t everyday that you run across dairy-free stuffed pasta, let alone gluten-free.  My enthusiasm peaked when I opened the securely packaged cooler of goodies, shipped fresh to our door. Meticulously prepared and layered within an aluminum baking tin, this chicken pasta had an obvious handmade quality about it.

We had scheduled to trial the raviolis later in the week, but I couldn’t hold out.  I finagled them into our dinner plans for the very next night.  Preparation was a snap, as the raviolis can be boiled fresh from the refrigerator or straight out of the freezer.  They are made with thick and doughy noodles, so the cooking time was a bit longer, close to 20 minutes, but well worth the wait.

My husband requested a simple tomato sauce, while I prepared a very basic basil pesto for my plate of pasta.  Within seconds of his first bite, my husband proclaimed, “there’s something funny about these …”  I rose an eyebrow with concern.  Could my dreams of a delicious wheat and dairy-free stuffed pasta already be shattered?  Just as I was about to write the entire meal off, his sarcastic voice chimed in “…their made with REAL chicken.”  I gave him a funny face, breathed a sigh of relief, and dove in.

He was right; Everybody Eats does not skimp on quality.  The pasta portion was excellent, I wouldn’t have guessed they were wheat or gluten-free.  The filling was simple but delicious, just chicken breast meat and egg.  They were close to stand alone (a few herbs and spices in the filling would put them over the top), yet the perfect backdrop for the sauce of your choice, from a drizzling of extra-virgin olive oil to your favorite “cream” sauce.  I can honestly say that these raviolis came alive with just a spoonful of pesto.  My husband was equally satisfied with his choice of marinara.  In theory, we received three generously sized servings, but between the two of us that package didn’t stand a chance.

Pros:  Gluten-free; All-natural; Simple, high quality ingredients; Easy to prepare; Obviously higher in protein than your average pasta; Excellent setting for your sauce of choice

Cons:  They aren’t next door

Where to Buy:  To place an order, give them a call or send an email using the contact information from the Everybody Eats website.  They ship from their shop in Brooklyn to homes throughout the United States.

Special Notes:  Everybody Eats accommodates special diet requests whenever possible.  Don’t hesitate to contact their friendly owners.  They provide very prompt and helpful service.

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