Frieda’s Garlic Delight (DISCONTINUED)


Such a simple product, yet it really is the first of its kind that I have seen.  A mayonnaise like whip of garlic, oil, lemon juice, and salt.  That’s it.  Frieda’s slogan is “the specialty produce people,” but fruits and veggies are not all that they do. Frieda’s also offers a range of vegetarian products under their own label, including prepared organic polenta, soyrizo, and these dairy-free whipped spreads, otherwise known as Garlic Delight.

Though I had my sites on the Sun-Dried Tomato and Green Olive varieties, I ended up sampling the Original and Chipotle varieties.  Perhaps I will be able to locate the other two soon!.

Tasted straight, the Original was like a thick mayonnaise, except that it was rich with garlic, contained no egg, and the lemon juice stood out just a tad too much.  On the package it is recommended as a spread, marinade, sauté, or dip.  I attempted to use it as a spread, but it is so fatty, at 13g of fat per single Tablespoon, that I risked taking my snack to the quarter pounder level if I had slathered on the amount I would have liked (I really love garlic).  I settled for a thin coat, and it was good, but didn’t really suffice in such a paltry amount.  However, I highly recommend the Original for sautéing and as a marinade, and as a wonderful vegan (egg-free) option to replace mayonnaise.

Frieda's Garlic Delight

I haven’t experimented much with dips (there is a recipe for “Frieda’s Delight-ful Spinach Artichoke Dip” on the package, but it called for cheese), but if I did, I would probably jump up to the Chipotle …

The Chipotle had a nice dose of flavor and heat that wasn’t over the top, but just enough to make things exciting.  I think I preferred this flavor for its all around use, adding not only garlic, but also some extra interest to bland dishes.  It worked wonderfully as a thin spread, asserting itself better in smaller quantities, and it helped to spice things up when used for sautéing. I also melted a teaspoon into steamed veggies to create a rich butter-like coating over my healthy snack.

Frieda's Garlic Delight

Next up, I hope to try it as the adhesive for coating vegetables and seafood (for that baked “fried food” appeal), as I think it could perform extremely well in this medium. This is one “short-cut” food that I definitely enjoyed.

My only major complaint about Frieda’s Garlic Delight comes from the ingredient list.  The primary ingredient in each spread is canola oil, which I tend not to purchase.  It is typically a GMO product, and Frieda’s label didn’t state GMO-Free or Organic, but I have my fingers crossed that they change this in the future.

Where to Purchase: Frieda’s Garlic Delight can be purchased online, direct from Frieda’s, or you can check the store locator for major stores in the US and Canada that carry the Frieda’s product line.

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