GF Meals Faux Buttermilk Sliced Bread (DISCONTINUED)


Review continued from Amy’s GF Meals Meatballs Review ~ … Up next was the “Faux Buttermilk Bread” from GF Meals. As you also know I am always on the quest for some decent GF bread. I have tried a few that I really liked, but hey there’s always room for more in my pantry for more bread!

I first tried this bread plain- because how else are you going to get a good try of the bread with tons of stuff on it?
It was fantastic! It was soft and had that sweet “buttermilk” taste that I just love in bread. One of my favorite foods that my mother makes would have to be her homemade bread because it is so rich and delish and seriously- this is pretty close to my mom’s bread! Indeed- very very yummy! It toasted up well and didn’t fall apart in the toaster either. I loved it.

As you can see I tried it in a couple of ways… 1. egg salad sandwich (with my vegan mayo- an oxymoron) 2. grilled cheese with my rubber cheese 3. un-pictured- with a hamburger yummy! 4. also un-pictured – toast with peanut butter! My next project is to make some French Toast with it.. holy! I hope that will be good!

This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free reviewer Amy B.  For more information and to purchase this product, see the GF Meals Website.

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