GF Meals Meatballs (DISCONTINUED)


Ordering from the GF Meals website was crazy easy, the site is so easy to navigate too. There is a GREAT selection of main dishes and side dishes. Plus breads and desserts. They had a lot of choices that one wouldn't even think you could make gluten-free. Like brisket? Sliders! Greek Chicken and Rice… Holy! You have to check it out to see the selections!

This kind of set-up makes it easy for a few kinds of people: 1. don't have time to cook at all and need allergy-friendly foods 2. don't know how to cook allergy-friendly and have say.. company coming over with dietary restrictions. Like say you are going to your MIL's house and you are GF/DF. These meals would be great to take along so you would be POSITIVE you were not ingesting any gluten or dairy without stressing out the in-laws over what to cook for you! My own mother still sometimes gets cooking for me right and other times she will do something like… no bread crumbs but still coats the chicken in flour! Nice try! : )

Shipping was pretty fast; I ordered the food on a Saturday (I think) and it came in on a Thursday. I threw it right in the freezer because I knew I wouldnt eat it all that night! The first two I wanted to try were the MEATBALLS and the BREAD!

Anyone who knows me knows I could live off meatballs. In fact, it's the thing I make a beeline for at BBQs and family parties- gluten or no gluten- I eat them up. I haven't had any in a while though and was feeling too lazy to make them.

Taste Tester loves meatballs too so he was pretty excited about trying them out. They were very easy to make- just thaw them out completely and cook in the oven. Easy? Yes!

I threw together a meatball sub for TT and myself. Talk about YUM! OMG! These meatballs were so good! They had a good spice mix to them and were perfectly moist and held together like a regular meatball would. WOW. I couldn't get over how good they were. TT LOVED them too! In fact, he liked them so much- I let him have the leftovers.

Now onto the "Buttermilk" Bread

This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free reviewer Amy B.  For more information and to purchase this product, see the GF Meals Website. 

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