Gluten-Free Essentials Vanilla Royale Frosting (DISCONTINUED)


Let it be known that I love frosting.  If not for frosting, cake may as well not exist in my book.  It is true, I am not a cake person, but layer that bready dessert with a nice thick coating of rich frosting and I am in heaven.

Unfortunately, most frosting (aside from the partially hydrogenated, not really food kind) is made with dairy … whether it be milk, butter, cream, or all of the above.  But, homemade frosting is quite feasibly dairy-free with some margarine or shortening, powdered sugar, milk alternative, and any other flavor add-ins you choose.

For those who don’t feel like starting from scratch, Gluten-Free Essentials has come out with two frosting mixes (and a glaze) to compliment their wonderful assortment of cake mixes.  Since I am vanilla before chocolate, I shared the Supreme Chocolate Frosting mix with a good friend, and kept that entire package of vanilla for myself.  Little did I know what I was in for … this mix makes an enormous amount of frosting!  Perhaps it is just the right amount for generously frosting a two-layer cake, but since I really don’t make entire cakes very often, it seemed as though I was frosting cupcake after cupcake without spotting the bottom of the bowl!   Not that I was complaining. 

The flavor is perfectly and decidedly vanilla, no ifs, ands, or buts.  But what I loved most was the perfect proportion of sugar.  At times I find the powdered sugar a bit overwhelming in homemade icings, but this one came out exactly as my taste buds wanted.  I think the only thing I would recommend is perhaps adding just a touch more liquid, as the frosting was a bit difficult to spread.  I do live in a dry climate though, so I would start with their recipe and whip in any liquid a teaspoon at a time as needed.  For fun I added a little homemade pomegranate syrup (just a teaspoon or two) to thin and add a new flavor.  The result was delicious!

Ingredients: Powdered sugar, real vanilla powder, salt

To Purchase: Visit the Gluten-Free Essentials website to purchase one of their many baking mixes directly.

My camera was out of service during this taste-test, so the photo is compliments of the GF Essentials website.

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