Goodbaker Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Please Note: This product has been discontinued.

Goodbaker has indicated that they may resume production at some time.  See their website for details.

These are unmistakably brownies.  The deep chocolate flavor takes on “fudgy” characteristics due to the moist and dense nature of these brownies when cooked as instructed.  The longer you cook them, the more fluffy and cake-like they become.  Everyone enjoyed the intense dark chocolate taste.  The texture was also quite good, but a touch sticky and somewhat finicky when it came to storage.  Those of us who were privileged enough to trial these fresh out of the oven were very pleased.  However, we discovered that if they are wrapped in plastic wrap or too tightly sealed, the moisture of these dense brownies tends to overtake them.  We believe this can be easily remedied with loose storage, by baking a more cake-like variety, or – our favorite option – just eat them more quickly!  As an added bonus, with only 2 Tablespoons of oil required per batch, these brownies are a great low fat option. 

  • Pros:  Vegan; Free of refined sugars; Made with whole grain flour; Organic ingredients; Very easy to make; Low in fat; Rich chocolate flavor
  • Cons:  Contains wheat and soy, allergens for some; Finicky with storage; Somewhat sticky texture

Recommended For:

  • Chocoholics
  • Low fat Dieters Seeking Decadence
  • Dessert w/ a Scoop of Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Goodbaker Overall Review:

Almost as important as the taste, we absolutely loved Goodbaker’s gift quality and environmentally friendly packaging.  The nicely decorated cardboard boxes of mix are wrapped neatly in a single sheet of green tissue, which perfectly matches their logo.  The use of mostly organic ingredients in their products, further exemplifies this company’s high quality and social standards.  Two thumbs up for this.

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