Goodbaker Oatmeal Spice Cookie Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Please Note: This product has been discontinued.

Goodbaker has indicated that they may resume production at some time.  See their website for details.

These cookies were a hit!  Goodbaker’s Oatmeal Spice Cookies are delicious, low in fat, fairly low in calories, free of eggs and dairy, and one of the simplest cookies I have ever made.  What’s not to like?  Once you have the mix, just add a small amount of oil and water, shape into cookies, bake, and like magic freshly baked cookies appear.  These cookies are difficult to ruin; trust me, I tried!  I forgot to flatten them as recommended, and did so mid-way through the batch.  At that point, I had forgotten how long they were in for, and quickly discovered that these cookies don’t brown like traditional homemade.  I overcooked the first batch by two minutes, yet the cookies were still soft, chewy and tasty.  The second batch I undercooked slightly, but the taste and texture were virtually the same.  As an added bonus, they are vegan (free from eggs).  Therefore, undercooking, or even sneaking some of the raw dough, is not a concern.

The texture of these Goodbaker cookies is perfect, full of hearty oats and grains, yet very soft.  The flavor starts out sweet, and very similar to a traditional oatmeal cookie.  The aftertaste is more contrasting, pulling in some of the spices and alternative flours.  Since they are not overly sweet, they go very well with tea.  I smashed the second batch with a spatula dusted in organic sugar, which added some extra sweetness to the aftertaste.  My husband devoured the cookies from both batches.  In fact, I went back for the last cookie (it was supposed to be mine) but it had magically vanished.  Luckily, I had managed to hide a few for the women on my soccer team before he knew they were ready.  Although I only had a few to share, they went over well.  One teammate proclaimed that they were “quite good, for healthy cookie”, while another wanted to know where she could buy more.

  • Pros:  Vegan; Free of refined sugars; Made with whole grain flour; Organic ingredients; Hearty; Very easy to make; Low in fat; Excellent flavor and texture
  • Cons:  Contains wheat and soy, allergens for some; Not for the sweet, fluffy cookie fans

Recommended for:

  • Cookie Dough Eaters
  • Kids
  • Cookie and Tea Connoisseurs
  • Hearty Oatmeal Cookie Lovers
  • The Baking Challenged

Goodbaker Overall Review:

Almost as important as the taste, we absolutely loved Goodbaker’s gift quality and environmentally friendly packaging.  The nicely decorated cardboard boxes of mix are wrapped neatly in a single sheet of green tissue, which perfectly matches their logo.  The use of mostly organic ingredients in their products, further exemplifies this company’s high quality and social standards.  Two thumbs up for this.

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