Goodbaker Wheat Free Pancake and Waffle Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Please Note: This product has been discontinued.

Goodbaker has indicated that they may resume production at some time.  See their website for details.

These pancakes were totally awesome (is this phrase back in yet?)!  The oven is my close friend, but I have been shy around all things done stovetop style.  That is until I whipped up a flawless, fluffy batch of Goodbaker pancakes.  These were incredibly easy to prepare, just add a touch of oil and water, pour the batter by the ½ cup full onto a non-stick skillet, watch until the edges of the tops begin to look cooked (lots of leeway on this step), flip, wait a few more minutes, and serve.  For some of you, this may sound simple, but my husband has had to swoop in and rescue me from many failed pancake attempts in the past.  These are truly as close as I have seen to foolproof pancakes.  Not to mention, the flavor was pretty darn good too.  Spelt and buckwheat flours make for a slightly heartier flavor, and a more filling breakfast.  On their own these pancakes are just barely on the sweet side.  We trialed them topped with peanut butter, jam, butter (smart balance 37% buttery spread), and maple syrup.  By far I liked the butter (for savory) and the maple syrup (for sweet) the best.  They freeze remarkably well, and can be popped in the toaster for a quick snack or breakfast.  The entire package will feed a troop of 4 to 6 depending on appetites, or can easily be prepared in batches for households of just one or two.

  • Pros:  Vegan; Kosher pareve; Made with organic whole grain flours; Very simple to prepare; Versatile mix; Relatively low in fat and sugars; Light and fluffy results
  • Cons:  Although wheat free, this mix does contain gluten (in the spelt flour) for those who have an intolerance; A touch high in sodium

Recommended For:

  • Sunday Morning Breakfast
  • Freezing & Toasted Later for Breakfast on the Go
  • A Savory Snack with Buttery Spread

Goodbaker Overall Review:

Almost as important as the taste, we absolutely loved Goodbaker’s gift quality and environmentally friendly packaging.  The nicely decorated cardboard boxes of mix are wrapped neatly in a single sheet of green tissue, which perfectly matches their logo.  The use of mostly organic ingredients in their products, further exemplifies this company’s high quality and social standards.  Two thumbs up for this.

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