Grocer’s Daughter Cocoa Pulp Hearts (DISCONTINUED)


These truly unique chocolates were what first led me to the Grocer’s Daughter.  I wish that I had taken a picture of the hearts upon receipt (we ate them a bit too quickly), as the picture at right doesn’t do justice to their size.  Each heart is easily a generous two inches in diameter and filled with a delicious center of rich dark chocolate and cocoa pulp.

What is cocoa pulp?  Beyond the jar pictured at right, I am still not too clear, but I can say that it is delicious.  Below is a brief definition from the Grocer’s Daughter:

“Cocoa pulp is what protects and surrounds the cocoa beans inside the pod. So far it is not being used for much in the United States, something we hope to change. In South America it can be found in some refreshing fruit drinks as somewhat of a novelty. The flavor of it is sweet and full of citrus taste. The texture and color is that of apricot jam.”

They are right on the mark in terms of fruity, though I didn’t detect any strong citrus notes.  The cocoa pulp adds a delightful sweetness and a slight jelly texture to the creamy chocolate center.  Surrounded (and contrasted) by their classically rich dark chocolate, this is a truffle-like experience to be had.  I can only imagine the demand that will ensue once word gets out about their exceptional ingredient discovery.

  • The Facts: Loved ones will swoon over these jumbo-sized chocolates.  Thankfully, these are suitable for vegans and most food sensitivities.
  • The Ingredients:  Rainforest Alliance Chocolate (cocoa, cocoa butter, cane sugar (reportedly they have also added soy lecithin to the ingredients), Cocoa Pulp
  • Where to Buy: Select retailers in Michigan may carry the cocoa pulp hearts.  But, your best odds are to call directly to order – (231) 326-3030.  Online ordering for this product should be available soon.  The Grocer’s Daughter is able to ship to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Northern Europe.
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