Kookie Karma Holistic Chocolot Cookie (DISCONTINUED)


A lot of ingenuity goes into each of the Kookie Karma creations, and this cookie is no exception.  The Chocolot Cookie is another member of Kookie Karma’s holistic line, designed as a “transitional” cookie for those who are new to the world of raw foods.  It is lightly baked for a traditional cookie experience. 

Though the ingredients in the Chocolot Cookie are nearly identical to the other holistic cookies, we found the taste to be quite different.  A rich blend of cocoa has been added to create a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie.  Though the coconut is still present, it is toned down by this addition.  As well, the cocoa makes the cookie a touch drier, for a more biscuit-like cookie that goes quite well with tea.

These cookies were created with special diets in mind.  Sweetened primarily with birch tree xylitol, and just a touch of agave nectar, the holistic line is an excellent option for diabetics.  The sweet / bitter contrast of the xylitol and the cocoa was particular to certain taste buds.  Though the addition of chocolate chips helped to meld the two flavors.

Not to be overlooked, each cookie is rich in healthy vegan ingredients, including almond meal, almond butter, and chia seeds (a little known superfood). 

  • Pros:  Vegan; Gluten-free; Soy-free; High in protein; Trans fat-free; Very low in sugars; Only 10 net carbs
  • Cons:  The cocoa flavor was a bit strong for some and the sweetener a bit too sweet

Recommended For:

  • Chocolate and Cocoa Fans
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Diabetics
  • Vegan and Low-Carb Dieters

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