Kookie Karma Raw Cherry Cashew Cookie (DISCONTINUED)


Juli Novotny, the creator of Kookie Karma, boldly goes where most cookie manufacturers would not dare to go.  Not only are her treats healthy, raw, and mostly organic; but they also meld ingredients that are seldom utilized in the cookie world. 

Juli displays her unique culinary talent beautifully in the Cherry Cashew cookie.  The hearty yet subtle base of cashews and almonds is enhanced with sweet agave nectar, a touch of ginger, a pinch of sea salt, and generous handfuls of organic dried cherries. 

The predominant flavor is by far the dried cherries, which offer a wonderful sweet-tart taste.  Although I do enjoy ginger, I did not detect it specifically, which leads me to believe that this cookie would be suitable for both ginger and non-ginger fans. 

Some dieters may be concerned, as this cookie is a bit high in fat and calories.  However, this is due almost exclusively to the rich blend of nuts that form its base.  For most, the healthy dose of oils, protein, and nutrients provided by the almonds and organic cashews would more than compensate.  Also, we hesitate to classify this Kookie Karma treat exclusively as a cookie.  The texture is a cross between a nut-studded cookie and a power bar, and the energy it provides is outstanding.  It could easily stand in for a small meal or a hearty snack. 

Personally, this cherry-infused cookie was one of my favorite flavors.  I practically inhaled it, not sharing a bite.  Perhaps I have found a new treat for my mid-day energy cravings!   

  • Pros:  Vegan; Raw; Made with mostly organic ingredients; Gluten-free; Soy-free; High in protein; Low in sodium; Trans fat-free; Contains no refined sugars or flours (low glycemic)
  • Cons:  It is a high calorie / high fat food, but this is due to the good supply of almonds and cashews in each cookie

Recommended For:

  • A Sweet Breakfast or Filling Snack-on-the-Go
  • A Post-Workout Treat
  • Indulgence with Energy
  • Raw and Vegan Diets

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