Little Bay Baking Cookie Bar Mix (DISCONTINUED)


(continued on from Part 2 of this review, Gingerbread Cookie Mix)

 … The last item to try out were the cookie bars. My best friend's mother used to make cookie bars at least twice a week when we were growing up and I used to devour them with her. In fact, every time I go to her house still- those cookie bars are there! So finally I will have the chance to compete with her cookie bars! This mix was crazy easy to make again, grease a cake pan, mix everything up- add a boat load of chocolate chips and they would be done! Well, actually it was only supposed to be one cup of chocolate chips but I mistakenly added two! …

When these came out of the oven and I sliced them up I was pleasantly surprised by how moist they were, and uncrumbly! I took a tiny sample of the bar and was hit with a very lovely chocolate chip cookie taste. Just like Kathy's cookie bars. Yummy. The chocolate chips made the cookie bar extra delicious. My grandmother and aunt loved the bars. I brought a few into work to give to my work taste-tester, who said they were really good (but he like the regular oatmeal cookies I made extra for him better- he is not GFCF, but will eat anything I make anyway!).

Little Bay Baking Cookie Bars

I haven't been able to test all of the Little Bay Baking Mixes, but they are so far doing a great job feeding the family. My grandmother has loved every mix from them I have made so far and would really like more cornbread and pumpkin bread. So if anyone from Little Bay Baking is reading this… please send more food!

This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free reviewer Amy B.  Little Bay Baking products are popping up in natural food stores, but you can also purchase directly from them online.  To find a store near you or to order, visit the Little Bay Baking website.

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