Little Bay Baking Waffle & Donut Hole Mix (DISCONTINUED)


Star Wars Donuts – May the Sugar Be With You

It was a rainy Saturday and I was craving some sugar in a bad way. Preferably chocolate, but I wasn’t going to be picky when it came to what to make. I decided to try the Little Bay Baking Company’s donut holes. I love donuts. Boston Creme pie, glazed, chocolate cake donut holes, strawberry frosted… ok I have to stop before I go run to Dunkins and gorge myself on donuts. So all donuts have milk and wheat in them right? Yes! What is a girl to do when she craves donuts and can’t eat either? Make them!

I brought the mix to my sisters house and we mixed up the batter for the donuts. Very simple to make with rice milk, egg, and oil. The dough tasted like a normal “gluten-free” dough. I literally have never fried anything in my life before, so this was going to be a big adventure for us.

I poured 3 inches of oil into my sister’s frying pan to heat up (the pan says 375- i used a meat thermometer that only went up to 220 degrees, so I winged it!) Once the oil was hot enough I scooped out little chunks of batter and plopped them one by one in the oil. I learned a couple of things right off the bat. First, I used too much oil; now I need to buy more for my sister because we used all of hers up. Second. Never use a plastic slotted spoon to scoop out hunks of hot dough from a frying pan. It always ends badly with the need for a new spoon arises! But that was my sister’s mistake.

After we switched spoons and sort of got the hang of plopping dough and scooping it out of the pan, I noticed that the dough looked like huge hunks of …. were those fish cakes??? My donuts turned into fried fish! Where were my french fries??? Dang it!

We finished them up and stared at them for a few minutes, popping a couple in our mouths to see if in fact they did taste like donuts. These puppies weren’t soft and chewy, they were crisp on the outside with a sweet sweet little center. It was fried dough. And boy did they ever taste yummy.

Little Bay Baking Gluten-Free Donut Mix

The fish-n-chips/ fried dough chunks were a bit too big; we cut into a couple that were cooked on the outside but not on the inside. So we chopped them all in half (after we sampled the ugliest ones…. can’t let those get served!) and put them back in the oil. This time they came out pretty good. Still the outside was too crispy on some. This made a big batch of donut chunks (can’t call them holes, they were certainly not round) – we got about 30 little donuts out of it! And one donut took on the miraculous shape of Yoda from Star Wars. I wanted to call the news channel and show them, but decided just to leave it here so you could all see.

Little Bay Baking Gluten-Free Donut Mix

We got out the powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar and shook up the little hunks in our toppings. Then we dumped them all on the plate and dug in. The powdered sugar on the donut was perfection. It brought me back to my fair going days when I used to eat fried dough by the paper plate full, wishing I could go back for thirds.

Little Bay Baking Gluten-Free Donut Mix


My sister said she liked the cinnamon and sugar mix on hers better. She actually wants a chance to prove we can do better the second time around. We should have probably used a mini ice cream scoop to shape the donut holes instead of just a regular teaspoon which produced BIG HONKIN DONUT-NOTHINGS. Still tasty though! We are absolutely going to buy more mix to give it another try.

Little Bay Baking Gluten-Free Donut Mix

So in short, if you are an experienced fryer and have a mini-ice cream scoop, get this mix and fill your child’s breakfast plate with yummy round little allergy-free donut holes. Of course if you are Disasters 1 and 2 in the kitchen, your donut holes will turn out like ours and we still filled our kids plates with them. It was just when they weren’t looking they all disappeared somehow. And in the end who cares what they look like? They tasted great! And heck, we even made Star Wars fans happy! May the sugar be with you!

This is a third party review by Go Dairy Free reviewer Amy B. Little Bay Baking products are popping up in natural food stores, but you can also purchase directly from them online.  To find a store near you or to order, visit the Little Bay Baking website.

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