Mrs. Smith’s Traditional Pies and Crisps aren’t Original Anymore


Unfortunately, Mrs. Smith’s reformulated their “Original” flaky pie crust, and it now contains dairy butter. Consequently, all of their pie and cobbler products are now made with milk. For other options, see our Dairy-Free Pie & Cake Reviews.

When I think of summer coming to an end, one thought that comes to my mind is the warm days and the cool nights of fall.  Fall is by far my favorite season, as here in New England it is the time for colorful trees, great weather, long walks through crunching leaves and  apples.  Venturing to the orchards, picking bushels of apples, finding the perfect pumpkin, bails of hay and corn stocks for the house, this is an outing our family loves.

During those cool evenings, I love the smell of fresh homemade apple pie or apple crisp.  But in the fast paced world that we all live in with the hectic schedules between juggling work, family, exercise and personal time, not everyone has time to dedicate to baking up a storm.

The smell of fresh homemade comfort foods cooking away in the kitchen, all those fantastic aromas floating throughout the house it is simply sensational.

During one of my many trips to the frozen food section at the local grocery store, I came across my mother’s old time favorite Mrs. Smith’s Pies.  As a child, I recall helping her get these pies ready for the holiday.  Something made me stop and peak at the label of the Traditional Apple Pie and the Apple Crisp.  To my surprise they did not contain any dairy, eggs, seeds, peanuts or tree nuts.  So I decided to buy one, the Traditional Pie. It only took about 55 minutes from the freezer to the dining room table, and the aroma was fantastic.  The house smelled of cinnamon, sugar, and fresh baked apples, it was great.  When it came time to taste it, the response I received from the kids was wow, mom can you buy this again.  So the following week I purchased the Apple Crisp.  To my delight, it was even better than the Apple Pie.  I found that the kids really liked this one better, I am sure it has to do with the crumb topping.  The pies are a good size, taste great, have an ample amount of fruit, and are well worth the money.

Mrs. Smith's Frozen Pies are no longer dairy-free

More Facts on Mrs. Smith’s Frozen Pies

Mrs. Smith Pies can be found in the frozen food section at your local grocery store.  You could also visit their website at  They have a whole host of pies that you may enjoy.

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  1. My son has a dairy and egg allergy and have been getting Mrs. Smiths pies for years. But, they now contain milk and have a new look. Please be careful and check your labels.