Nanny’s Organic Mild Jamaican Jerk Marinade (DISCONTINUED)


Please Note: This product line has been discontinued.

Wow, this is more than a sauce, this is real food!  Chunky and full of fantastic organic ingredients, including onions, soy sauce, green onions, hickory smoke flavor, and habanero peppers.  In our initial trials, we used it as a marinade for chicken and shrimp.  I was amazed at the intense flavor it imparted on both.  Most marinades seem to act more as a coating, or their flavor simply disappears once cooked.  Nanny’s Jerk Marinade tasted like it had literally been injected into the meat.  The deep, smoky flavor made everything taste more “meaty”, and was a hit with everyone.  On accident, mind you I am not a creative culinary wiz, I discovered the true versatility of Nanny’s Jerk Marinade.  In need of a quick side dish, I pulled some leftover rice and an egg from the fridge.  I wasn’t in the mood for Asian, so I just threw in some Jerk Marinade.  The result was a surprisingly delicious batch of fried rice!  Keep in mind, “mild” is relative in Nanny’s Jamaican Kitchen, as everything has a kick.  We found the bold and spicy flavors of the Jerk Marinade to be too strong for a dip or just pouring on straight, but when cooked in, the heat was tamed and the flavors were able to meld beautifully.  As an added bonus, with only 5 calories per tablespoon and zero grams of fat, this is one all natural selection that can be used with a heavy hand.

  • Pros: Organic; Vegan; Chunky all natural ingredients; Bold and flavorful to say the least, Zero fat and only five calories per tablespoon.
  • Cons: Overall it is a bit high in sodium, but not necessarily for a sauce; The “mild” name could be deceiving as it does have some jerk spice to it

Recommended For:

  • A Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, or Seafood Marinade
  • Adding a Bold & “Meaty” Flavor to Vegetarian Dishes
  • Tenderizing
  • Fried Rice

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