Nanny’s Spicy Jamaican Jerk Marinade (DISCONTINUED)



Please Note: This product line has been discontinued.

We trialed this marinade on both chicken and pork, it was a huge success!  Nanny’s Kitchen had already won each of us over with their mild jerk marinade, but our heat-loving tasters were grateful for the extra kick.  The fantastic natural and organic ingredients are identical between both versions.  Onions, soy sauce, green onions, garlic, and hickory smoke flavor are blended to create a thick and almost chunky marinade.  However, when you get down to the habaneros, there are obviously a few bonus peppers added to the spicy version of Nanny’s Jerk Marinade. 

When tasted straight this fiery sauce left our tongues tingling, but when left to soak into the meat for a mere 10 minutes it tenderized beautifully and added a flavor combination that was deep and smoky yet sharp and spicy.  If used in moderation, even heat-sensitive individuals could appreciate the bold flavors.  Nonetheless, if you like things good and spicy, feel free to use a heavy hand with this marinade.  Nanny’s has packed an incredible amount of guilt-free flavor and nutrition into just 5 calories and zero grams of fat per tablespoon.

We wouldn’t hesitate to experiment with Nanny’s Spicy Marinade in a variety of dishes.  It could just be the secret ingredient for award winning chili that we have been looking for.

  • Pros: Organic; Vegan; Chunky all natural ingredients; Bold, flavorful, and spicy; Zero fat and only five calories per tablespoon
  • Cons: Just a touch high in sodium

Recommended For:

  • A Chicken, Pork, or Beef Marinade
  • Giving a “Meaty” Flavor and Some Zest to Vegetarian Dishes
  • Turning an ordinary recipe into a “Bold and Spicy” Dish (think Fish Tacos, Chili, etc.)
  • Tenderizing

Where to Buy:

  • Online –
    In Stores – Throughout the U.S.

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