Organic Classics Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken w/ Wahini Rice (DISCONTINUED)


Weight Watcher's look out … this tasty little number is vying for the top portion control spot!  While I loved the grainy red rice, almost nutty in taste and texture, and the mild spice of the sauce was delightful, this was one petite meal!  I opened the TV dinner sized box to discover some rice next to a small serving of chopped chicken, onion, and red bell pepper in a light gravy colored sauce. It might not have been so alarming at first site, if the height of the tray itself didn’t loom a good inch or two above the meal. 

Organic Classics Jamaican Frozen Entree

Just skimming the bottom of the tray with substance, this was one delicious meal, yet I admittedly felt slighted by the contents.  Planning to split the meal with my husband and add a side salad to round out the lunch, I ended up heading right back to the kitchen to make us some more food once our mini-meals were devoured (in all of three minutes).  It seems I had overlooked the 'low in calories' claim boasted on the label.  I am one petite little lady, but this meal in its entirety wouldn't keep me satiated for more than an hour.  In all fairness, the picture with salad is my half-entrée portion, so the full contents would fill a side plate. 

Organic Classics Jamaican Frozen Entree

Granted, it was quite tasty.  I am not sure I would have identified it as "Jamaican" in flavor, but it had a nice pleasant spice with more warmth than kick.  The chicken “entrée” if you will, was prepared more like a stew, and served up alongside some deliciously hearty rice, otherwise known as Wahini Rice.

It is true, I seldom purchase frozen meals, so I am not the best judge on sizing.  But even though this entrée is all-natural and organic (kudos for that!), for the price, I would expect a tad more than a hearty snack.  A good energy bar or a handful of nuts and some dried fruit would offer the same calorie load and staying power.  Nonetheless, if portion control is your practice, as it obviously isn't mine, this could well be the perfect quick meal!
My Extra Notes & Tips:

  • The nutritional profile – 260 Calories, 6g Fat, 590mg Sodium, 8g Sugars, 16g Protein, 80% Vitamin C, 10% Vitamin A

Where to Purchase:  In Natural Food Grocers throughout the U.S., see the Fairfield Farms website for a store locator

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