Peeled Snacks, Fruit & Nuts – All Varieties (DISCONTINUED)


Alisa Fleming, ~ My first impression of Peeled Snacks was so-so due to a less than fresh delivery, but a second trial of their products perked up my taste buds. 

Peeled Snacks Fruit & Nut BlendsThe Plu-What? contained plump pieces of dried white peaches, plums (aka prunes), and pluots (plum-apricot hybrids) and a separate little bag of fresh tasting cashews.  The nuts were lightly salted overall, but bursts of salt were a bit off-putting occasionally. 

The Bing Bing Cherry was much more impressive this time around, especially those wonderfully sweet dried apples.  They were some of the best I had tasted since childhood, when I used to scarf those pale yellow treats down by the bagful.  This mix also contained some very plump dried cherries, dried peaches that were good, and that nice baggie of very fresh nuts, this time a mix of walnuts and cashews.

My first taste-test of Peeled Snacks included only these two varieties, but this time I received a sampling of their other two fruit & nut snacks as well.  Unfortunately, the Figsated suffered somewhere in the process, the fruit had gone bad and was inedible.  But, Shock-olate saved the day! 

The Shock-olate blend from Peeled Snacks was generously loaded with sizable choco-drops (jumbo dark chocolate chips) that were positively delicious … this was one “healthy” snack that was hard not to like. Unlike the other blends, the nuts (a blend of walnuts and almonds) didn't look very hot, but they turned out delicious.  They were perfectly salted with a good crunch.  Plump and juicy dried apricots and pears were also present, and they were perhaps the tastiest that I have ever had.  That said, the Fruit & Nut Blends from Peeled Snacks do contain sulfur dioxide to maintain that fresh look and taste. 

I found myself munching on each component of the Shock-olate independently, though the flavors did meld very nicely.  The only thing I didn't like was the serving size, 2 in one little pouch.  Polishing off an entire pouch felt like a small snack, yet I could only cringe at the calories I had consumed just before dinner.  This is to be expected with a mix of dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate. Actually, I would have felt virtuous and not cared about the calories if they weren't so prominently displayed, ruining the effect.  Obviously this is no fault of Peeled Snacks, but sometimes I hate those labeling laws … do they have to put the calories and fat on everything? 

As mentioned in my prior review of Peeled Snacks, the product is excellent, but I am still not keen on the waste of all the individual packages.  Nonetheless, I can recommend these for adding some nutrition to lunch boxes or when on the road and seeking convenience.  Personally, if I were to purchase Peeled Snacks, I would go for their Fruit Picks over the blends.  The pure fruit pouches are free from sulfur dioxide (and sugar and oil), yet huge on flavor.  Okay, I might sneak in a bag of the Shock-olate too. 

Visit the Peeled Snacks website for a store locator, or to purchase their products direct.

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