Peeled Snacks, Fruit & Nuts – Plu-what? & Bing Bing Cherry (DISCONTINUED)


I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this new food product, I mean, its fruits and nuts, right?  Packaged into a 2 serving pouch, each bag contained a mix of dried fruit and a separately wrapped package of nuts alongside.  I don’t know about you, but I have never consumed a snack pouch of anything in 2 servings, not to mention, it is not a resealable package.  This deceiving labeling to show a lower calorie, fat, or whatever count, always bugs me a bit.  Regardless…

… I do applaud the goal of Peeled Snacks, which is to encourage healthy snacking when choosing from among the bags of potato chips and corn nuts.  I think they may have something.  Personally, I prefer to buy dried fruits and nuts in larger packages, as the single-serve can be quite wasteful.  Plus, the individual nut packages seemed a bit excessive in packaging as well.  They are intended to keep the moisture of the fruit from getting to the nuts, I believe. True, the nuts were very fresh tasting, but the little bags were completely sticky from intermingling with the dried fruit.  Since I had to use two hands to open the bag, I needed to go wash my hands just after opening.

As for the actual taste…

Plu-What? (white peaches, plums, cashews, and pluots) – The fruit in this mix is larger, so you only get about 5 or 6 fruit pieces.  The plums were actually prunes, rather than the fancier dried plums you might find in bulk.  The pluots were intensely sour.  I liked them, but they were a real shock to the taste buds.  The white peaches were okay, not the freshest I had ever tasted.  The cashews were quite crunchy and fresh, true to advertising.  I felt the added salt was unnecessary, but that is just a matter of taste.

Bing Bing Cherry (peaches, apples, bing cherries, walnuts, and cashews) – I was a little disappointed in this mix.  The peaches were extremely brown and shriveled up, not the fresh status that is touted. Since they do use sulfur dioxide as a preservative, this poor quality fruit was even more of a disappointment. The apples were fine, a little browned around the edges, but plump.  The bing cherries were very plump and moist, but they tasted just like little prunes.  I like prunes, but I would have preferred the sour cherries for that true to cherry taste.  The walnuts and cashews were excellent.  Once again, I found the added salt gratuitous, but the nuts were fresh and crunchy.
If on a road trip and stuck with only convenience food options, I would definitely consider Peeled Snacks as an option.  I hope that mini-marts everywhere stock them. However, for my everyday munching or take-along snacks, I prefer to buy in bulk or larger bags to save on both cost and packaging.

I haven’t yet gotten ahold of the other two fruit & nuts varieties from Peeled Snacks.  They include Figsated (apricots, dates, figs, almonds, and pistachios) and Shock-olate (pears, apricots, almonds, walnuts, and dark chocolate).  Visit for more information or to purchase.

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