Peeled Snacks – Nut Picks (DISCONTINUED)


It is hard to write a review about nuts … I mean, they are what they are.  However, I must give credit to Peeled Snacks for their refreshingly honest take on healthy daily snacking.  As I wrote in a review about their Fruit Picks, Peeled Snacks focuses on natural food in its most natural form.  This may sound simple, but avoiding preservatives, oil, and other additives does not always make for a snack with the best curb appeal when presented.

Amazingly, Peeled Snacks seem to pick the best quality commodities and let the food speak for itself.  In fact, it was hard not to love their two nut picks, Almond-daze and Cashew later.  These individual serving packages of just nuts and a hint of salt tasted surprisingly fresh and full of flavor.  The cashews were jumbo-sized, really the largest I had ever seen, and they had a light taste that wasn’t overly oily, as cashews can sometimes be.  Both the cashews and almonds were pure in flavor, and had a wonderfully fresh crunch.  Truthfully, I don’t think I have ever tasted a tree nut that tasted quite this “fresh” if you will.

Peeled Nut Snacks

Like the Fruit Picks, I would love to see larger, resealable packages that aren’t quite as wasteful as these small serving plastic packages.  But, for a healthy snack-on-the-go or for stashing in lunch boxes, Peeled Snacks has come up with a wonderfully convenient, delicious, and fun way to present plain old healthy food!

Visit the Peeled Snacks website for a store locator, or to purchase their products direct.

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